Meghan Markle is the Next Kamala Harris? Don’t Make Me Laugh!

  • We’re all suffering from U.S. election fever at the moment, but some seem to be getting outright crazy with their assessments.
  • A celeb biographer believes that Meghan Markle can follow in the footsteps of Kamala Harris or Ronald Reagan.
  • Why? She’s an actor, female and of mixed heritage. It seems there are no other qualities needed these days!

It should go without saying that Meghan Markle, as a U.S. citizen, has every right to vote in a U.S. election.

I know some royal fans think that her voting somehow breaks an agreement with Queen Elizabeth, but I don’t see that as an issue.

Where the issue was for me was in both her and Prince Harry effectively campaigning for Joe Biden in public conversations leading up to the election this month. There’s a difference between privately voting in an election and using your royal credentials and influence to attempt to sway the American people.

I firmly believe the Queen should take them both to task over the numerous times they’ve blatantly ignored the exit agreement they struck with her before ditching their royal duties earlier this year.

Especially since it would appear that Meghan has no intention of toning down her political rhetoric in the coming months.

Meghan Markle has hilariously been compared with Ronald Reagan. | Source: Twitter

Is Meghan Markle the next Ronald Reagan?

Before we go any further, I feel I have to point out that the opinions I’ll be discussing are those of biographer Sean Smith, who has written a book that looks like it’ll rival the Omid Scobie puff piece in its fawning over Meghan Markle.

Smith, whose other works include biographies of Justin Timberlake, Kim Kardashian, and the Spice Girls, believes that Meghan could follow in the footsteps of other “actors” and go into politics.

Speaking to The Express, Smith claims:

It is not unusual for actors to go into politics; all know who they are, Ronald Reagan, Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood. So why not? She shouldn’t be diminished because she’s an actor.

Oh, Sean.

Look, I know you’re just out there trying to pimp your book. We saw Omid do it, Netflix Bob was everywhere talking about his, and now we have you.

Christmas is around the corner, and once these books hit the sales bin, they’ll make for easy stocking-fillers. I get all of that.

But, seriously? Are we supposed just to accept the notion that as an actor Meghan Markle is on the same level as Arnie, Clint, or even Ronald Reagan?

Comparisons between Meghan Markle and Kamala Harris are lazy and offensive

I have to say, I had hoped that in 2020 such lazy stereotypes and comparisons wouldn’t be a thing, but, well, here we are.

Smith also said to The Express:

I would love to see Meghan go into politics. I think she has the intelligence, and she articulates feelings that many people feel very, very well. I think she can make the move from cultural celebrity to somebody of influence. The two great black women in that regard are Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris. I would love to see Meghan follow in their brilliant footsteps. I don’t see why she can’t. I think she would be brilliant at it.

Kamala Harris, the running mate for VP with presidential candidate Joe Biden, is a law graduate who worked her way up in the District Attorney’s office and eventually was elected attorney general for California in 2010 and 2014.

She then went on to become a senator in 2016.

So, where are the comparisons with Meghan Markle here? From what I can see, they’re two entirely different people from entirely different worlds.

Oh, wait. They’re both female, and they’re both of mixed heritage, right?

Wow. This is where we’re at today, is it? Meghan Markle can follow in the footsteps of a renowned senator and former district attorney just because she has a political opinion, is female, and has African American heritage?

Absolute nonsense. Meghan Markle may like to talk about politics, but there’s absolutely nothing in what she says or does that sets her apart from literally millions of “woke” types throughout the United States.

Kamala Harris is cut from a completely different cloth. | Source: Twitter

President Donald Trump has a lot to answer for!

It seems that in the era of Trump, we’ve seen politics become a free-for-all. He’s now the incredibly low bar by which every woefully under-qualified potential candidate is measured.

Kanye West? And now Meghan Markle? Haven’t we learned absolutely nothing since 2016?

Surely over the past four years, Americans have learned what happens when you elect someone who knows nothing about politics into the White House?

No, Meghan Markle is not presidential. She’s just another vacuous celebrity with some generic, “woke” opinions that she tried to parlay into credibility to help sell her faltering brand.

And being female and of mixed heritage doesn’t change that.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of

63 thoughts on “Meghan Markle is the Next Kamala Harris? Don’t Make Me Laugh!”

  1. Sorry Aubrey, 70 million Americans have learned nothing. Which is why our European leaders are not dancing in the streets. For them (and us Europeans) the election was just a meh, half of them still vote for Trump. And I agree with you 100% that being a female of mixed race (after all we ALL are of mixed races) does not qualify for anything but marrying a dim prince.

  2. Audrey we love you, WELL SAID! :) Me-Gain also always steals other peoples words and phrases them and uses them as her own, she constantly plagiarizes. In fact I strongly believe in many ways Me-Gain is A LOT like Donald Trump. She is hot headed and emotionally unstable, she didn’t make her own money-like Donald, she uses people to get what she wants, she is a gold digger, doesn’t Trump have a gold toilet and tacky gold all over his apartment in the Trump tower? and last but not least she is a narcissist, like trump and evil. She and Trump would stop at nothing for revenge and have both been nasty to people. They are both psychopath, so if Me-Gain is going to be compared to someone it would be Donald Trump not Kamila Harris.

  3. Kamala and Meghan have taught us nothing about being bi-racial. they’ve only taught girls of all color “HOW TO SLEEP YOUR WAY TO THE TOP”! (one slept with a married man, but had the gall to say something about the president and the other slept with whoever was making deposits in her bank account)

      • In the US there is supposed to be a separation of State and Religion. However, the ultraconservative, evangelical leanings of some hold great sway with politicians. The irony is that these “ultra Christian” people are anything but. They are intolerant of all who don’t subscribe to the same convictions, faith and/or are of a different culture or color.
        Trump’s presidency has been about “dog-whistling” to these ultra-conservatives and race-baiting, causing unprecedented divisions in the country. The surprise we all got is that 70,000,000 US citizens subscribe to these same principles.

    • More racist misogyny. If an unmarried man has a relationship with a woman, or more than one woman then he is vigorous. If an unmarried woman has a relationship with more than one man, she is promiscuous.

      Fact check – Willie Brown was separated from his wife at the time.

        • And what business is it of yours if they do? Check Kamala’s history and get your facts straight before you make your ignorant judgments public. The worst kind of misogynist is a female one.

    • Well – Shirl, now you’re getting into libel territory. How do you back up your statements?
      Kamala’s mother is the daughter of an Indian Diplomat and works as a cancer researcher. Her father is an economist from Jamaica. Her parents met while studying at Berkley.
      After Kamala received her law degree she was Deputy District Attorney in Oakland from 1990-98. She became District Attorney in 2004. She was California’s Attorney General from 2011-17 and was elected to the US Senate in 2016. Quite a CV and all on her own ability.
      I am no fan of MM, but Harry had his choice of the world’s most beautiful and accomplished women, and he chose Her. Whatever her failings and motivations, she IS trying to put a positive message out into the world.
      I think both women are excellent examples for girls of (all) color.

      • I disagree with your statement that Meghan is an excellent example for girls of all colour because she put a positive message to the world despite her motivations. I will tell you an example. Hypothetically, lets say that Hitler is alive today and he has served his time in jail. He came out of jail and suddenly started preaching world peace because he wants to have followings again from the masses, would you say that he is an excellent example because he is preaching a good message to the world despite his failings and motivations? I will still not call him a good role model but think what you will. I think otherwise.

      • Back up my story? Libel? Take your best shot. The truth and the proof is out there for those who really want to see it Maybe since Biden won they can, oh what was that the newly minted representative of the house said four years ago “we’re going to impeach the mother f$&@“.

  4. I find it really sad that decades of progress made in equality – all equality, sex, race, disabality etc has boiled down in this case to “Megan can do XYZ because she is coloured and female” How bloody backward we’ve travelled if its come down to that.
    Its not so long ago that we had “You can’t do this becuase you’re female, coloured.,disabled ” and we worked hard to get past that. Now everyone seems to see Black/Coloured = good, White = bad.
    Lets not reverse histroy in an attempt to make something of a person who, IMO, doesn’t have the talent to get to the top, whatever her colour or sex. Oh, and lets not forget that she’s half white too!

    • Well said. I agree. I think these days, people make it out to be that being women of colour means being above criticism because of their race and sex. I totally disagree with this concept. I would think that I believe in feminism(equality between men and women) and equality for all races. I don’t believe in one race getting more rights compare to others and that include hiding behind their race to avoid criticism. People needs to distinguish between real equality and race baiting.

  5. I was wondering when your racist comments about another successful woman like Kamala Harris was going to come out:.. it didn’t take long! Aubrey you are a shit journalist and I’m writing an email to your editor to cancel you. You are full of negativity and hate.

    • Hi. Reading through the article, I really don’t think Ms. Hansen said anything racist about either of them. In fact Ms. Hansen talks about Ms. Harris in glowing terms. Before you dismiss me as an angry white hater of the Duchess of Sussex, let me assure you I am 100% South Asian. I can’t comment on the quality of journalism, as I have absolutely no journalism background. Although, I will say that I don’t see any hate in this article. Anybody can agree that comments or opinions, even negative, does not mean hatred. Just ask any happily married couple :-)

      • I reread the article, and like you, I found no racism in it at all…however, I am beige all over, so I guess I am unqualified…lol

        • I hear you.. It seems « racisme » has become a catchall phrase for any criticism or innocent comment or even friendly suggestion. To me, grandstanding and virtue signalling does little other than boost one’s ego with the gleeful self satisfaction of being morally superior to someone else. And I of course obtain the ego boost by pointing that out 😂😂

  6. The statements that Meghan made about the Commonwealth Trust and the past sins sound more like President Obama — not Oprah. Read Dreams from My Father, or listen to President or Mrs. Obama, and you will find similar comments. Oprah has remained fairly neutral over the years because she knows her fan base has people who have different viewpoints, and she doesn’t want to alienate them. Kamala is a weak candidate who failed to answer any serious questions during the campaign. She would simply break out in hysterical laughter. Meghan cannot compete in the political arena.

    • I have to disagree. Oprah was never political until she became friends with the Obamas. They were the ones who influenced her. Now she is California woke and she has lost her popularity with a lot of people here in the United States. Oprah has changed.

  7. Look, it’s Oprah who is giving all these crazy political ideas to Meghan. I think Oprah was so blown away being invited to H&M’s wedding, that she established a relationship with Meghan. Oprah is a people person who has an uncanny ability to listen intently to people’s problems and empathize with them. I think in the year after the wedding, Meghan confided her true discontent being in the U.K. and being part of the royal family to Oprah. Oprah, being extraordinarily sympathetic by nature, probably began advising Meghan about possible paths she and Harry could take to start a life back in America.

    The Sussex Royal money-making scheme and the big acting career Meghan envisioned for herself were probably ideas Oprah came up with. I have no doubt she encouraged Meghan to quit the royal family since Meghan was so unhappy. So H&M flee the U.K. to Canada and in no time, their plans went up in smoke.

    So now Oprah probably feels guilty that she encouraged H&M to leave in the first place, so she is probably trying to help them come up with another plan— that being a political career for Meghan. The three of them are truly living in la-la land thinking Meghan is going to be president. Most U.S. politicians are lawyers.

    The most telling thing about that Meghan and why she has no political appeal is that she is insincere. She is all over the place, jumping from one charitable cause to the next. Every day there is something new she is supporting, so much so you can’t even keep track of it all. This is the behavior of someone who deep down feels very guilty about all the trouble she has brough to Harry and his family. I think she is running scared and is grasping at straws. Luckily, the Netflix deal came along. And she stills clings to this dream of running with the big players in Hollywood, evidenced by her buying a house next to Oprah. I wouldn’t be surprised if Oprah told her about the house being up for sale. They are BFFs now.

    • Oprah or Mmm’s own mother.
      She allegedly has history about financial fraud, and look at her involvements around the Sussex money laundry schemes.

      She also listens to her mother dearly, when it comes to experiences of freeloading and the above mentioned matters.

    • I think Meghan had big Hollywood plans from the get-go. Oprah was just a handy contact. She kept her Hollywood agent, manager, and lawyer on her payroll throughout her engagement and marriage. Why?… if she had no intention of utilizing them? She behaved in a wilful manner from the moment she got the ring on her finger. Prince Charles’s 70th birthday celebrations occurred a few days after the wedding. It was her first public outing as a member of the royal family. She stayed long enough to have some photos taken and then asked Harry if they could leave – something completely against protocols. From then on she just suited herself, made her own arrangements and plans, requested that the US press could join the royal rota to cover her public outings (turned down by BP who told her if she wanted that she would have to fund it herself). In retrospect she behaved as she wished, knowing she would not be staying in GB. She played the race card as an “out” to appear victimized so her abdication from her duties wouldn’t look like what it was – a bid to hold onto the privileges and perks of royalty while making money off her royal titles and associations in LaLa land.

  8. She’s got a few Trump like qualities, like being an idiot, believing in her self made hype that she’s the center of the universe, and just babbling about nothing constantly. Also, all the little tiny plastic surgery tweaks she’ll continue to do will catch up with her and she’ll look crazier than even his blazing orange spray tan and ridiculously bad false teeth.

  9. What happens when you elect somebody into the White House who is not a politician is things get done. Our economy, Middle East Peace deals, breaking up terrorist groups, record high minority employment rates, etc, etc. Love him or hate him, at least he followed through on his campaign promises, unlike the usual politicians. And for that I can overlook his brash bravado, midnight tweets, & bull-in-china-shop finesse. But that other one? The duchess of Montecito? She is a joke and these comparisons are ridiculous.

    • Trump has accomplished a lot in four years because he is a New Yorker and was a big player in the real estate scene there. Being successful in NYC is not for the faint of heart. It is ROUGH. Business people know how to get things done, and it’s not sitting around in committee meetings for days on end. He is decisive.

      • Most of the time Trump has been watching TV while tweeting obscenities…and he hasn’t stopped yet. Waiting for someone to find like 7 million fraudulent votes. Sure.

        • Trump has his faults, like anyone else, but he was indeed a successful business man before entering to politics.

          • He was Not a successful businessman! He was gifted $40 million by his father as seed money to start up a real estate business. He declared bankruptcy 6 times in the ’70s to the point no American bank would lend him money. Following a very quiet decade in NY he made a comeback in the ’80s when he built Trump Tower. This project was financed with Russian money via the very corrupt Deutsche Bank. His son Eric stated, “We don’t need American money, we can get all we want from Russia” –
            a country whose aim is to destabilize American democracy. A goal that appears to have been assisted by Trump since his election.

  10. Really sad Aubrey you have this much hate for a person. It’s pure envy and jealousy, I honestly and sincerely think you need to see a therapist. This much hate can’t be good for you mental and spiritual health

    • @Julia Why do you Meghan sympathisers ALWAYS say it’s jealousy? Is that the only rationale that you lot can identify with? And do stop with the patronising attitude – you don’t do it well enough.

      • It’s not even “hating” Meghan’s behavior – it’s seeing through it. American’s are savvier than Meghan gives them credit for. Even though they Do tend to take things at face value and a good sound bite works like a charm for many of them. They don’t look too much below the surface. Unlike the Brits who have built-in bulls**t radars and could see what Meghan was about from early on.

  11. Aubrey, I certainly enjoy your articles about Meghan Markle but when you come in bashing our President of the United States it makes me think you are no better than the left leaning , Hollywood mess. Remember there are 68 million people that voted for President Trump because he was a business man and not a politician. This President doesn’t believe in socialism, big government but he does believe in the America people. Look at how many votes he did get without any media coverage with the exception of the impeachment and any negativity they could find. Just leave the United States to us and you handle your views with the British Monarchy.
    Thanks~ Proud American that voted for Trump another 4 years! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

    • No they didn’t. 7 million more Americans voted for Biden than Trump (for now, they are still counting). And since there has been about 10 cases of proved voter fraud in USA the last 30 years (all done by Republicans by the way), I am sure that 7 million votes are not fraudulent no matter hom many times they count.

      And what is it with the Americans, they are totally fine with white supremacy, KKK and Neo Nazis, but use soclialist as a four letter word? Totally without realising that the most successful countries in the world are all democratic socialist countries? We are the ones with free healthcare and education, paid mternity leave, public kinergartens for the under school age ones and liveable pensions for disabled and old. Basically Christianity without Bible, God or Jesus, but they are optional. And no. I do NOT mean Venezuela or Cuba….

      • Perfectly put, Old Viking. Americans that see Biden as “socialist” don’t know the meaning of the word. Trump can hardly be called Christian when he wanted to overturn the ACA without having any Health Plan to replace it. 30,000,000 people would lose health care during this pandemic where Covid-19 is considered a “pre-existing condition”. Where are those people and their kids supposed to go when they can’t breathe?
        I agree we can’t have illegal immigrants coming across our borders – but was separating children ( and in some case nursing babies) from their parents and putting them in cages the answer? In a “Christian” country? 68 million people obviously thought so! And This is what they call being “patriotic”?

    • You are a perfect example of Trump’s room temperature IQ base. Many of us, including Aubrey, can walk and chew gum at the same time. One can criticize Trump without joining the shrill #resistance wine addicts like Alyssa Milano, Cher and Bette Middler.

    • Getting onto the Trump subject is getting off the subject of this chat thread – MM and her shenanigans. However, now that you’ve brought it up – Trump was a failed businessman until the corrupt Deutsche Bank funded him with laundered Russian money in the ’80s. Trump declared bankruptcy 6 TIMES in the 70’s – and no American bank would lend him money. This was after he’d received $40,000,000 start-up money from his father.
      His son Eric declared that the Trumps did not need American money, as they could get” all they wanted from Russia” (a country whose aim is to undermine American democracy. SomethingTrump has helped with during his tenure in the White House).
      Not voting for Trump does not mean Aubrey is a “leftist”. It just means she has common sense and gets her information from sources other than Fox News and One America News Outlet. You need to research the Trump family history of corruption and educate yourself before falling for his one-liners or his “act” on The Apprentice. In 2018 (2 years into his Presidency) he was forced to close his charitable Trump Foundation. The presiding Judge declared Trump and his family were using the charity’s assets as their personal checkbook. The Judge also barred him and his 3 eldest children from sitting on the boards of ANY other NY charities because of their blatant corruption.

  12. Well said Aubrey. I was thinking exactly the same thing. I think currently Americans are obsessed with celebrity culture. This is evident in the fact that Harry and Meghan getting the multi-million $ Netflix deal, the prominence and influence of the Kardashians in the media and Trump being elected POTUS. Has American fought for independence only to progress to a society that worship celebrity? I think Americans need to up their game if they want to remain as No.1 in world stage.

      • Trump has pulled off the ultimate con-game. Assisted by Mitch McConnell and the lily-livered Republican Party who have all put party before country. Nothing to be proud of. Nobody was more surprised than Trump when he won the election. He has now become power-hungry, to the point he refuses to concede to the obvious winner, Biden, and in the process is undermining democracy. Which none of his 70 million “patriotic” supporters appear to find objectionable. His success doesn’t say much for half the American electorate who are happy to have a divided Republic, over-run with Covid – all due to Trump’s mismanagement.

    • We definitely need to up our game.

      One day we’ll be as good as the Brits, with smart as rocks Kate Middleton and William, Prince “Cabernet Sauvignon” Charles, and Prince “Can I borrow the royal jet to fly some chicas to the Caribbean” Andrew.

      • Dumb comment! Thanks for proving my point that some dumb Americans (I know there are a lot of intelligent Americans and I don’t include you in my comment) follow useless celebrities blindly and idolise them. I am bored already. Next.

      • That’s a very jaundiced view of the British Monarchy. But you definitely DO need to up your game. America has lost all credibility on the world stage because of the buffoonish leadership of D. Trump. And his 70 million “cult” followers who follow blindly where he leads. Come on folks!! Read up on his history. You DO realize he was playing a part on “The Apprentice”? Right??

  13. Meghan Markle may fancy herself a social activist, but she is not comparable to President Reagan by any stretch of the imagination. He may have been an actor, but he had decades of leadership as president of the Screen Actors Guild and Governor of the State of California. He is a well respected statesman here in the US. And President Trump is a much loved champion of ordinary Americans. MM may like to hear herself talk, but no one here is listening.

    • Much loved by whom? Yes, he has a lot of passionate, low-info, low-IQ fans but he also has more people passionately despise him than any other president has had.

      • Oh, I guess you missed it. Those 71 million people who voted for him. Oh, and because you had to insult those people to make your point, you reveal a distinct lack of intellect yourself.

    • She’s mistaken being a Social activist or being a Social climber.

      It runs deep in the family. Starting with her dearest mother. (the CEO of the Immaculately Scammed Poor Fooled Folks Home)

  14. I think Ronald Reagan is an excellent comparison. He was as deluded as hell. And I don’t know if Trump actually set a low bar. What he did, love him or hate him, is expose the US political system and its “leaders” for what they are – self centred egotistical liars. There isn’t one of them, of any party, that think of anyone but themselves. Markle will therefore be perfect.

    • An excellent comparison? For many years, Ronald Reagan was the president of the Screen Actors Guild, which has over 100,000 members, and he was the two-time Governor of California before running for POTUS. Meghan’s professional achievements consist of a briefcase holder on a game show and a supporting role in a cable television series. How in the world do they even compare?

      • And he was known worldwide as an actor even before the time of Internet.

        Markle? Not.
        Even Google struggled to scratch up anything related to her, when she scammed P. H.

        BLIND DATE? Give us a break!
        ANYONE SHOULD STOP REFERRING TO A CLEAR “SET UP” AS A BLIND DATE. It’s typical of a Narcissist to bend things, phrases. It’s referred as “blind date” because SHE wants to (control the narrative, and use her narcissistic) brainwash (over) the public. We should NOT LET HER.

        Suits? She was such a bad actor that she only got sex scenes. Even that just didn’t qualify enough that a junior actor, much younger could’ve not topped.
        She was written out as the result of her acting talent.

    • Ronald Reagan was one of the most popular, beloved presidents in U.S. history, serving two terms. What in the world does “deluded as hell” mean? Meghan will never make the cut in politics because she has no ideas or burning desire. She is all over the place, jumping from one issue to the next everyday.She is lost.

  15. I agree with Aubrey’s assessment but Kamala Harris is not of African-American heritage. She’s of Indian and Jamaican heritage.

    • From what I can see, the article refers to Harris as ‘mixed race’ – which she is, being of Indian and African (via Jamaica) heritage.


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