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Meghan Markle Is Delusional If She Thinks Hollywood Is Her Destiny

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:41 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:41 PM
  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry walked out on the royal family to chase money and fame in the U.S.
  • Meghan is looking to take a second crack at Hollywood, according to Eric Schiffer of Reputation Management Consultant.
  • The former “briefcase babe” is doomed to failure. Hollywood will “chew her up and dump her.”

I’ve been as guilty as anyone of enabling Meghan Markle and her “Sussex Squad” cult in chasing her doomed Hollywood dream. I often refer to her and Prince Harry as the “Hollywood royals.”

But my use of the term “Hollywood” is in no way is an endorsement of her acting abilities.

We’ve all seen her act. She’s terrible.

Hollywood accolades aren’t in Meghan Markle’s future

If you doubt the lengths to which decision-makers will go to avoid hiring Meghan Markle in Hollywood, consider this.

Bob Iger had been with Disney for over 20 years when Prince Harry cornered poor Bob at the premiere of the Lion King  in London in July. The reason? To pitch Meghan’s abilities to the Disney decision-maker.

Asking a flustered Iger if he knew that Meghan “does voice-overs,” Iger replied:

Oh, really? Ah …

It’s pretty awkward stuff:

Yeah. It’s safe to say Iger wasn’t leaping at the chance to work with Meghan. In fact, a little over six months after his meeting with Prince Harry, Iger unexpectedly resigned as CEO. 

Of course, I’m not saying that Bob Iger would sooner step down as CEO of Disney than experience Meghan Markle and her acting abilities, but it does make you think.

Meghan’s acting career could embarrass the Queen

prince harry, meghan markle
One reputation consultant said the Hollywood royals could cause “immense embarrassment” to the Queen. | Source: FiledIMAGE/Shutterstock.com

Eric Schiffer is chairman of Reputation Management Consultant. Speaking to The Express, he said he believes that Meghan Markle pursuing an acting career in Hollywood could cause “immense embarrassment” for the royal family: 

Meghan will pursue acting, causing immense embarrassment for the Royal family and drive more public backlash. Hollywood, in the end, will dump Meghan and chew her out the way she and Buckingham Palace ditched each other.

Now that is a scathing review. If this is the kind of reception she’s getting before she’s fluffed a line or stunk up a scene, it’s hard to imagine things will get any better.

The former ‘briefcase babe’ can’t even find support from her own family

It’s not only CEOs who are running for the hills. Meghan’s own brother calls her acting abilities into question. 

Thomas Markle admitted that his “American Princess” sister “isn’t A-list.”

Source: Twitter 

Not exactly ground-breaking information for anyone who’s watched Meghan act, but still. When your own brother doesn’t even watch your performances, it’s maybe time to question if this is the career for you:

I say this gingerly here, I guess, she’s not an A-list actress. She was a character in a series on cable.

Asked if he watched his sister during her stint on television show Suits, he replied:

I think I watched it once or twice – I saw it a couple of times.

Prince Harry can open doors for Meghan Markle, but he can’t act for her

Prince Harry can use his royal status as sway to open some doors for Meghan. I mean, that’s the obvious benefit of being with him, right? But Harry can’t act for her. Once she gets these opportunities, it’s all on her to deliver.

I admit I’ll probably watch when she finally graces the big screen.

Then again, I’m the type who watches cat videos on YouTube when I should be working, so the bar isn’t very high.

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