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Meghan Markle Fans’ Latest Mob-Attack Proves My Worst Suspicions

Last Updated September 25, 2020 10:49 AM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 25, 2020 10:49 AM
  • Edward Enninful is not only the editor-in-chief of British Vogue but also an inspiration to British people of African descent.
  • His comments on Meghan Markle and how she’s been treated were far from offensive.
  • Meghan’s fans’ reaction to Enninful’s Sky News interview says more about the Sussex Squad than anything else and highlights their lack of education.

I think it’s fair to say that I have experienced exactly how the infamous Meghan Markle fanbase works over the past six months or so.

It’s for that reason that I knew recent comments by British Vogue editor Edward Enninful  was going to result in a social media storm of epic proportions.

And boy, was I ever right.

Watch: Meghan Markle and Edward Enninful work together on British Vogue!

What did Enninful say that irked Meghan Markle fans so much? The truth!

So what exactly did Edward Enninful say that sent the Sussex Squad into a fit of rage?

While speaking to Sky News,  he talked about Meghan Markle, her experience with the royal family, and if her treatment was racist:

The Duchess of Sussex is a brave woman. I feel that it wasn’t. Parts of it were probably racism, but it was more of an institution.

Enninful went on the say that the criticism that Meghan Markle received was, in his opinion, “harsh,” but that he “wouldn’t just blame it on racism.”

He also believes that Meghan may have found it tough understanding the many protocols and rules that exist within the machine that is the British royal family:

She walked into an institution, and everyone expected her to know the rules. And I think sometimes it takes a minute to understand the rules.

And perhaps most important of all, he concluded his views on the subject by saying:

She did get very unfair treatment, I thought.

While Meghan Markle is talking a good game from her LA mansion, Edward Enninful is breaking down barriers. | Source: Twitter 

Is it just me? I can’t see anything inflammatory in what Edward Enninful said about Meghan

That Meghan Markle fans see what Enninful said as a slight on their idol speaks volumes about them.

In fact, many of her fans are questioning him on his knowledge of what racism actually is.

As incredible as that may sound, it’s true.

Meghan fans are anti-racist when it comes to Meghan, but aren’t above racist comments themselves. | Source: Twitter 

For those who don’t know, Edward is a Ghanian-born fashion designer who is widely regarded as an influential figure in the communities of fashion, music, and Hollywood.

He’s the first black editor-in-chief of British Vogue and was named the 6th most powerful black man in Britain. 

Not only that, but he accomplished all of this on his own. He didn’t marry a princess or step on people on his way to the top.

Meghan’s fans aren’t slow in lashing out if they perceive a lack of respect for their idol. | Source: Twitter 

Uninformed Meghan Markle fans’ response shows08

Look, I understand that some fans of Meghan Markle disagree with what Edward Enninful said, and that’s perfectly fine. Hell, I disagree with what he said!

If you disagree and believe that racism was at play, then fair enough. You’d be wrong, in my opinion, but still.

The problem with Meghan’s fanbase, and the Sussex Squad, in particular, is that they can’t seem to disagree with someone without getting personal.

I’ve even seen one deluded soul point out that British Vogue didn’t wish Meghan Markle a happy birthday.

Meghan fans are simply embarrassing. | Source: Twitter 

Seriously, girls.

Edward Enninful has experienced racism up close & personal

What Meghan’s fans have to realize is that while their idol was able to switch between ethnic profiles to suit the job she was after, Edward was out there living the life of a British-Ghanian immigrant in London.

Meghan Markle has switched how she describes herself depending on the situation. | Source: Twitter 

As recently as July 2020, he was denied access to Vogue magazine offices in London  by a security guard. He’s the editor-in-chief of the publication!

Questioning his knowledge of racism is, quite frankly, embarrassing. Enninful has lived that life, and is nothing but an inspiration to anyone, regardless of race, looking to make their mark in the fashion world.

Nothing that Edward said was offensive. He was calling it as it as he sees it.

If you don’t like it, then that’s on you.

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