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What If Meghan Markle Got the Creative Support Kate Middleton Enjoys?

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:31 PM
Bernadette Giacomazzo
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:31 PM
  • Kate Middleton launched a photo project in conjunction with the UK National Portrait Gallery.
  • The British public immediately ooh’ed and ahh’ed about this exhibit that was, to put it politely, nice enough…but pretty basic.
  • So if the British public was okay with the Duchess of Cambridge’s foray into “artistry,” why weren’t they okay with the Duchess of Sussex’s foray into the same thing — especially when that’s her lifeblood?

Kate Middleton fancies herself a bit of an artist.

Earlier this week, the Duchess of Cambridge unveiled the winners of the Hold Still photo challenge, of which she spearheaded the curation. The exhibit, which was done in the UK Portrait Gallery, received the highest of accolades from both the Queen herself and the British public as a whole.

So the question begs itself: why does the British public have no problem with Middleton’s forays into “artistry,” but they slam Meghan Markle’s efforts to do the same?

Kate Middleton
The Queen was very impressed. | Source: Twitter 

Kate Middleton Curated A Nice Photography Exhibit

Let’s be clear about something: the photography exhibit that Kate Middleton curated was nice.

And if nothing else, it gave people something to do during the pandemic.

But was it Annie Liebovitz-style, Pulitzer Prize-worthy photography? No, it was not. Did it offer a new and otherwise innovative take on an old theme? Also, no, it did not.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s statement about the whole thing was, to put it politely, very milquetoast as well .

I felt really strongly that I wanted to try and create a portrait of the nation, that captures the fears and the hopes and the feelings of the nation at this really extraordinary time. As a record, I suppose, for the years to come. The thing that I think has struck me going through all of these images is how difficult and diverse everyone’s experience of Covid 19 has been. No one story is the same, everyone’s is unique. It’s like a huge rollercoaster of emotions, but I suppose that’s what everyone has experienced. It’s a reflection of what everyone’s been through at this time.

That hasn’t stopped the British public from boasting about the fact that this exhibit was the greatest thing since beans on toast. Check out the video below, where words like “EXTRAORDINARY!” are used—pandering to the future Queen Consort, much?


The Queen Approves Her Work, But Not Meghan Markle’s

Naturally, Queen Elizabeth II had nothing but praise  for Kate Middleton and the bare minimum she had to do.

But where was all this praise when Meghan Markle got her Netflix deal?

We would all do well to remember that Markle’s bread and butter is acting and Hollywood. Prince Harry didn’t find her in a schoolhouse.

And then there’s the better question: why did the British public applaud Kate Middleton, but sneer at Meghan Markle?

Kate Middeton
Are these comments for real? Sheesh. The pandering is real. | Source: Twitter 

The answer as to why the former is applauded no matter what she does, while the latter is excoriated no matter what she does, is the same as it always was: racism, classism, and an antiquated ideal of British imperialism.

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