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Meghan Markle Bestie Days Are Over for a Petty Jessica Mulroney

Bernadette Giacomazzo
Last Updated September 27, 2020 9:55 AM
  • Meghan Markle & Jessica Mulroney are no longer friends.
  • Their friendship ended after Mulroney had a racist blow-up with Black Canadian blogger Sasha Exeter.
  • Though Mulroney is reportedly “blowing up Markle’s phone,” the Duchess of Sussex has moved on, as it should be.

Meghan Markle and Jessica Mulroney are no longer friends.

The former BFF’s apparently had a blow-out shortly after Mulroney had that rather unfortunate racist blow-up with Black Canadian blogger Sasha Exeter.

Mulroney is reportedly trying to patch things up with her ex-bestie, Markle doesn’t seem to be interested in making amends…and therefore, Mulroney needs to just let it go.

Meghan Markle Has Plenty Of Reasons Not To Make Amends With Jessica Mulroney

Regardless of whether she identified that way, or not, Meghan Markle is — at the bare minimum — a half-Black woman. That is not an opinion — that is a statement of fact.

Considering, too, that Markle remains close to her Black mother , Doria Ragland, to this day, it would be the height of lunacy to suggest that she doesn’t identify with her Black roots, regardless of how she “presents.”

So when Mulroney had that very public — and very embarrassing — dust-up with Sasha Exeter, it wasn’t going to be long before word got back to the Duchess of Sussex.

What’s most curious, though, is not that Mulroney engaged in this mess, but that she thought her friendship with Meghan Markle wouldn’t be affected by it. Did Mulroney forget that Markle is, as was said at the top of this story, half-Black?

Make Like Elsa And Let It Go, Jessica

Naturally, Jessica Mulroney is taking the end of her friendship with Meghan Markle as well as you think she would — which is to say, not well at all .

Jessica has been calling Meghan non-stop and also calling up mutual friends to try and patch up their friendship. She’s devastated Meghan has turned her back on her at a time when she needs her most. But their friends have told her not to expect to hear back from Meghan because when she cuts someone off, she’s done for good – just like with her family.

Reportedly, too, Mulroney is looking to write a “tell-all book” about her now-ex-friend if they don’t patch up their friendship.

Meghan Markle
Jessica Mulroney is being petty as ever and now has stooped to threatening Meghan Markle if they don’t patch their friendship up. | Source: Twitter 

How petty can you be, Jessica?

You and Meghan Markle had a great friendship. You bore witness to history. It was your bone-headed behavior that messed that friendship up.

You need to make like Elsa and “Let It Go,” Jessica…

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