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It’s Meghan Markle’s Birthday, and There’s No ‘Royal Snub’ in Sight

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:10 PM
Bernadette Giacomazzo
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:10 PM
  • Meghan Markle celebrated her 39th birthday today.
  • The Duchess of Sussex received well-wishes from fans all over the world.
  • Even the British royal family – who many thought would snub the Duchess – wished her a happy birthday.

Happy birthday, Meghan Markle! As the Duchess of Sussex celebrated with her family, well-wishes from fans – including more than 34,000 tweets an hour – poured in from both sides of the Atlantic

The most interesting – and perhaps surprising – messages came from none other than the British royal family. Numerous social media accounts tied to the Windsors dedicated space to wish the Duchess a happy 39th birthday.

Could it be that they’re finally learning their lesson about how important it is to treat her with the same respect they’ve been afforded for so many years?

Birthday Wishes for Meghan Markle from Buckingham Palace

meghan markle, prince harry
Whatever disagreements may exist in the wake of “Megxit,” they dont matter today. | Source: Michele Spatari / AFP

Contrary to rumors that the British royal family was going to “snub” Meghan Markle on her birthday, the exact opposite has happened.

The first to wish the Duchess of Sussex a happy birthday was none other than Kensington Palace – the mouthpiece of Prince William and Kate Middleton – who posted a lovely photo on Instagram.

meghan markle birthday
Rumors of strained relations didn’t stop William and Kate from sending Meghan birthday wishes. | Source: Instagram 

They were followed by greetings from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

queen elizabeth wishes Meghan Markle a happy birthday
The Queen wished Meghan a happy birthday through the royal family’s Instagram account. | Source: Instagram 

Clarence House – the “home” of Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla – capped it off with well-wishes of their own.

Meghan Markle
Where’s that “royal snub” Meghan was supposedly supposed to receive? | Source: Instagram 

All three accounts referred to Meghan Markle as “The Duchess of Sussex,” affording her a level of respect that few in the British gutter press have deigned to proffer.

So Much for That ‘Royal Snub’

While there’s no question that there’s been a fair amount of royal family tension – to the point that Prince William and Prince Harry have a seemingly irreparable wedge between them – reports of unvarnished animosity towards Meghan Markle seem overblown today.

If nothing else, the royals seem to have no desire to marginalize Prince Harry, his wife, or his young son.

Video: Meghan Markle celebrates her 39th birthday

I wish the British tabloids would follow suit.

If they can blithely skate by the variety of disgusting charges that Prince Andrew needs to answer for, surely they can keep their opinions of Meghan Markle and her choice of nail polish  to themselves too.

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