MediChain - Transforming the Landscape of Big-Data in Healthcare

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MediChain is a Medical Big-Data Platform created for storing and sharing medical data. This data has the potential to be used as anonymized big data for healthcare research and augmented medical decision-making.

MediChain users will be a part of a unique project set to revolutionise global healthcare. Users will have control over their own health records, which will be stored in a unified and secure way using MediChain’s hybrid blockchain solution. Not only will users be able to share their medical data with their health practitioners whenever, but they will also get the option to anonymize their data and share it with healthcare companies and researchers worldwide. This option gives MediChain users the unique opportunity to directly contribute to advancing medical research, drug development, and potentially helping to find cures to diseases.

How MediChain is Standing Out From the Crowd.

MediChain stands out from other medical blockchain companies through their core focus on big-data. The MediChain team consists of experienced technology engineers, healthcare specialists, and team members who are highly experienced in building startup businesses. MediChain’s CEO, Dr Mark Baker, has designed, consulted and mentored at various data-driven medical technology companies and establishments including Harvard University and Hoffmann-La Roche AG. He has vast professional experience in blockchain, big data, security, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics. He also worked with medical data at both Cambridge and Oxford University, where he brought novel technological and previously-unheard-of methods to his research laboratory.


The big-data platform that MediChain is building is what really distinguishes them from other blockchain companies.

Getting Wolfram Alpha on board with MediChain has been a vital milestone for the firm’s business strategy. In order to make medical data valuable to researchers, pharmaceutical industry specialists, insurance firms, and others, MediChain needs to harness the power of machine learning. Wolfram is a highly specialized statistical software builder, well known for its contributions to machine learning and artificial intelligence. Their expertise in data analytics, visualization, and machine learning will aid MediChain in its goal of creating a big data platform that is valuable to all healthcare institutions.

MediChain is also partnered with the Swiss SOS Registry, and are in the process of linking their data with Wolfram Alpha systems for data visualization purposes. The Swiss SOS is a registry of aneurysms which allows doctors to follow the trends of aneurysm incidences and outcomes in Switzerland. This invaluable partnership will give MediChain access to the registry’s data. The SOS registry has already given MediChain access to select data to be used in the short term.

Additionally, MediChain is working with the Department of Neurosurgery at Geneva University Hospital. MediChain is in process of obtaining data from this partner, which will then be used to populate the MediChain blockchain. With the help of Wolfram, MediChain will perform machine learning on the datasets of CT scans obtained to then be used to predict outcomes and contribute to augmented medical decision making in relative fields.

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