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How a Media Pundit’s Misguided Advice to Joe Biden Will Backfire

Last Updated June 14, 2024 8:52 AM
Stephen Samuels
Last Updated June 14, 2024 8:52 AM

By CCN.com: Joe Biden is depicted as the Democrats’ latest ‘Great White Hope’ for defeating President Trump in 2020. However, the reasons he’s being championed by one media pundit are the exact reasons why he doesn’t stand a chance.

The former vice president has been stumbling about trying to recover from clumsy missteps that accompanied his presidential run announcement. He excited some, including Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov . She thinks Biden has a “different approach” that bodes well for his chances of defeating Trump.

When You Have Nothing, Attack

One of her “winning” suggestions is to attack Trump. Tarlov wrote :

“…Biden is already taking a distinct approach to his campaign. Against the backdrop of a crowded field, Biden is bucking the pervasive theory that Democrats can only be successful if they avoid talking about Trump too much…Where other Democrats have opted to draw a line in the sand between Democrats and Republicans, Biden is squarely focused on Trump himself.”

Not only is that petty, but it is also ineffective as a means to become President of the United States of America.

The method to Tarlov’s madness is there is a treasure trove of voters who are not happy with their 2016 vote for Trump. She thinks they’d readily vote against him if Biden attacks him enough.

This is the logic of a person who clearly doesn’t understand that people who don’t like Trump’s rhetoric and attacks aren’t going to be swayed by someone else doing the same. Just based on the above YouTube video, we see where Biden is headed. Call Trump a racist and white nationalist over and over.

Constantly rehashing the debacle-ridden response Trump had to the Charlottesville, Va. protest is not a strategy.

There must be more. A comprehensive economic message is imperative.

People want leaders who can produce results. Few care about one flawed person, Biden, calling out the flaws of another person, Trump.

Trump Says Stupid Stuff, Now What?

Trump is nearing the end of his first term. Everyone is more than knowledgeable of the foolish comments he’s made. Biden running around on the campaign trail rehashing every stupid thing Trump has said is going to become tiresome and aggravating.

Harken back to the 1980s Wendy’s campaign slogan —” Where’s the beef?” – as the question that serious voters will ask Biden.

There’s no question about the improvements to the economy that have happened since Trump was elected. First quarter GDP numbers released last week silenced many critics about the improved economy. While they could be revised lower, they speak volumes.

Trump ran on a platform full of specifics that he wanted to accomplish and people are relishing in them. From the riddance of that individual mandate from Obamacare to tax law changes, issues that are directly affecting people are tangible and profound.

Simply Grasping At Straws

Tarlov’s suggestion that attacking is a weapon Biden can use to defeat Trump is a stretch. It’s also reflective of the many desperate attempts to frame him as being a legitimate option. She actually wrote:

“If the target is one man and not a culture/political framework that has defined your life and community, you’re a lot more likely to change your mind.”

That doesn’t resonate, make sense, nor address Biden’s ability to beat Trump.

Biden is from a past era, an era of President Obama who disgusted enough people to make way for someone like Trump to win in the first place. The thought that he could attack his way into the presidency without offering up anything better policy-wise is absurd.