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McDonald’s Needs a Role Model – Instead They Got Travis Scott

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:29 PM
Saim Cheeda
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:29 PM
  • Rapper Travis Scott is the first celebrity since Michael Jordan to get a meal named after him at McDonald’s.
  • Scott is mainly known as the on-off boyfriend of Kylie Jenner to the casual public.
  • Unlike Michael Jordan, Travis Scott does not have a persona that inspires the younger generation.

If anything can confirm the downfall of pop culture, this might be it. Travis Scott, whose most famous accomplishment has been to knock up the equally farcical Kylie Jenner, is now a McDonald’s poster boy.

Travis Scott Doesn’t Deserve To Be Mentioned Alongside Michael Jordan

Even if you’re clueless about basketball, you’ve heard of Michael Jordan. That’s because he was instrumental as an ambassador, as well as a role model for people at large. His persona is such that he can pull off appearing in child-friendly movies like Space Jam or be in the menu for a McDonald’s meal.

On the other hand, Travis Scott has largely courted controversy. His most recent bad press had to do with his appearance at Superbowl LIII with Maroon 5, a performance that was blasted by viewers and critics. 

People were sour that Scott chose to appear, despite most celebrities supporting Colin Kaepernick’s stand against the NFL and police brutality.

Even Travis Scott’s McDonald’s commercial makes him seem as clueless as he does in general, as can be seen in the video below.


Travis Scott Is Famous For The Wrong Reasons

Ask yourself this: what exactly do you know Travis Scott for? Remove the part about him showing up in gossip magazines with Kylie Jenner, and you’ll find your memory relatively barren. That’s because Scott hasn’t done much.

The main fanbase he commands is the immature “Fortnite” crowd, who’ve latched onto him after his digital concert. As far as genuine critical success is concerned, Scott has nothing to show for himself. The issue isn’t about some random McDonald’s meal, but the precedent Scott’s name sets.

After all, he’s only the second personality to be promoted in such a way. With Michael Jordan preceding him, Travis Scott will undoubtedly be put into focus. Jordan inspired a generation to pursue their dreams — What do you think kids of today will be inspired to do through Scott?

The jokes have already started piling  since the announcement, as seen in the tweet below.

There’s going to be a lot of unimpressed employees. .| Source: Twitter 

McDonald’s Decision Is Rightfully Receiving Criticism

As one would expect from smarter minds than Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner fans, his collaboration isn’t sitting pretty. Trade website Restaurant Business claimed that two-thirds of McDonald’s operators were against the idea  because of the content of Scott’s music.

Naturally, family-friendly businesses are reluctant to have this guy dominating posters, especially one whose song “Sicko Mode” has been singled out as containing very aggressive language. There’s also the matter of Travis Scott’s reputation to be difficult to work with.

Scott famously caused an issue when recording with fellow rapper T-Pain, where his unprofessional conduct caused a storm on Twitter at the time.

T-Pain fans weren’t happy with Travis Scott.| Source: Twitter 

There’s also the inevitable association with Kylie Jenner that this brings as well. Considering Scott’s only known to the casual audience for his dalliance with Jenner, there’s a distinct possibility that kids might be influenced by the girl who doesn’t seem to be able to keep her clothes on for more than a few minutes.

The only thing appropriate about this whole situation is the price of the McDonald’s burger, costing only about $6. That’s because it’s understandably as cheap as the image of the person promoting it.

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