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Matt Damon’s Lockdown Gloating Proves All Your Worst Suspicions Right

Matt Damon is gloating about his lockdown experience in a quaint Irish countryside town. He's confirming all our worst suspicions about him.

  • Matt Damon has spent lockdown in a quaint Irish countryside town.
  • He described the experience as a “fairytale.”
  • Damon’s comments prove all your worst suspicions about him right.

Matt Damon loves quarantine.

The actor, who is currently quarantined in a small farming town outside Dublin, says he’s living in a “fairytale.” 

Obviously what’s going on in the world is horrible, but for my family it timed out right. It feels a little like a fairytale here, it’s gorgeous.

How lovely.

And how completely out of touch with reality.

Matt Damon’s Quarantine Reality Isn’t Your Quarantine Reality

Los Angeles County’s announcement of extending their lockdown orders underscores a harsh reality: being stuck in cramped spaces without human contact sucks.

And while Matt Damon enjoys his time strolling along Dublin’s streets toting bags from local grocers, “real people” are becoming psychologically damaged from these unsustainable conditions.

As psychologist Maggie Mulqueen explains:

One of the great success stories for changing human behavior is the 12-step notion of “one day at a time.” But in the fight to flatten the curve of COVID-19, we are looking at massive changes going well beyond a day at a time.

This new reality of an indefinite, ever-changing timeline has understandably led to an increase in depression among my patients.

There has been a marked shift from anxiety to resignation and even hopelessness. Sustained sacrifice without a clear endpoint can feel like defeat.

Matt Damon never has to worry about where his next meal is coming from. He doesn’t have to worry about child care and homeschooling. And he certainly doesn’t seem to be concerned with “social distancing.”

Source: Twitter

But these are all concerns that real people have in the wake of COVID-19. There has been a rise in depression, anxiety, and suicides amongst the population. “Sheltering in place” feels like a death sentence for many.

And more than anything else, real people are losing hope.

At Least All Celebrities Aren’t This Out of Touch

It’s true, though, that social distancing is for the greater good. For some people, the thought of helping their fellow humans seems to be enough motivation.

And unlike Matt Damon, there are many, many celebrities who are very in touch with the current COVID-19 reality.

I’m glad not every celebrity is as out of touch as Matt Damon. | Source: Tinseltown/Shutterstock.com

Post Malone donated masks. Shakira donated thousands of ventilators. Metallica donated an entire month of their salary to COVID-19 relief efforts.

Eminem regularly cooks lunch for healthcare workers. 2 Chainz delayed his restaurant opening and chose to feed the homeless instead. Even Cardi B regularly gives away $1,000 to financially insecure families.

And that’s just a shortlist of many, many celebrities who have come together for the greater good. They’re the living, breathing embodiment of “we’re all in this together.”

Too bad Matt Damon seems so hopelessly out of touch.

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