Mathias Sundin is the World's first Bitcoin Only Political Parliament Candidate

mathias sundin bitcoin candidateMathias Sundin, a 36 years old politician, Deputy Mayor of Norrkoping, former Member of Parliament, and entrepreneur from Sweden is running for the Swedish parliament. He is the first political candidate to only accept bitcoins for his political campaign. As he writes on his own website

To promote the spreading of Bitcoin and increase the awareness of new political challenges, I will – as the first political candidate in the world – only accept campaign donations in Bitcoin.

He writes that he won't accept Swedish Kroner, nor USD or Euros. He will use the donations that he receives in Bitcoin to fund his political campaign that will take place September 14th in Sweden. His main focuses will be to resist any regulation of Bitcoin and other digital currencies that might limit their use, continue the educational reforms in Sweden, develop a new tax system that foster innovative and growing ventures, defend everyone's right for privacy.

These words are a fresh breeze over the continuous anxious and nervous cryptocurrency community that are eagerly awaiting any words on Bitcoin regulation from USA and the EU.

Mathias Sundin says:

All politics is local, said U.S. Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill. Maybe he was right when he said it – in 1935 – but he’s wrong today. I’m running for Parliament on the idea that all politics is global.

The world is getting connected in an unprecedented way. Bitcoin is a symbol of this development, and could also play a huge part in changing how the world works.

Help fund Mathias Sundin's political campaign

Donate bitcoins to Mathias Sundin's official Bitcoin address:



Is this what Bitcoin need?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will take no damage in becoming friends with politicians worldwide. This could be a small step in the right direction for Bitcoin regulation in Sweden, and may be an inspirational source for other politicians. The only question is how successful Mathias' Bitcoin campaign will be? If it is a flop, we will not see many more stunts like these. Or, what do you think? Write in the comment field below.

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