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Marvel Exec Kevin Feige Producing Star Wars Should Only Be a One Time Deal

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:04 PM
George Chrysostomou
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:04 PM

It has been confirmed  today that the head producer at Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, will be making the trip to a galaxy far far away.

The producer has had a lot of success under the Marvel banner. After producing the highest  grossing film of all time he’s looking for new challenges.

Feige has recently been embroiled in talks with Sony. He along with Marvel Studios has been in a custody battle over Spider-Man. However, this latest reveal indicates Disney has great faith in his abilities. In fact, it only confirms the Sony issue is financial and not due to creative competence.

A Welcome Addition

This news is much needed for the Star Wars brand currently. Kevin Feige has to be considered one of the greatest producers of our time due to the stellar work with Disney. His abilities would be a perfect fit for Lucasfilm. Feige is also a longtime Star Wars fan. The pairing is a match made in heaven. Not only this but his addition moves the franchise in an exciting new direction. With the fan backlash  to “Last Jedi” and financial failure  of “Solo,” Feige could right the ship.

For Star Wars to continue moving forward it needs creative talent like Kevin. It also suggests that Kathleen Kennedy is looking for new ideas in her own part of the business. Bringing in such a highly regarded producer would help Kennedy, who may have been struggling in recent years.

Only a One-Off for Marvel Man

Despite all of the positives that can come from this news, its important to note that this should only be a one-time deal. Either for a single film or single trilogy; Feige’s involvement should not surpass this. For the most part Kathleen Kennedy has been a competent captain. Although there have been a few missteps, the brand is in a healthy position. The opportunities that Disney Plus provides also help to carry on the momentum.

Feige is already incredibly busy over at Marvel. The Studio is continuing to churn out films and now more TV series each year. To spread the producer too thin is to potentially damage this fantastic brand. Not only this, it’s healthy to have a variety of visions. If Feige was to take more control of Star Wars it could be a disaster. Overall Kennedy and Feige might clash on the collective vision. It’s also possible that creatively, Star Wars could start replicating some Marvel decisions. Each brand needs to feel unique. Having different producers is a positive. To copy and paste the success of Marvel to Lucasfilm would be to damage both.

Kevin Feige moving over to Star Wars should be celebrated. But it should be for a limited amount of time for a singular project. To surpass this might be to cause chaos in both Marvel and Lucasfilm.