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Mark Cuban Calls Out Elon Musk for Petulant Coronavirus Tirade; Tesla Stock Tanks

Last Updated September 25, 2020 8:41 PM
David Haggith
Last Updated September 25, 2020 8:41 PM
  • Elon Musk cusses out the state of California for “fascism.”
  • Tesla’s stock plummets as Musk loses it in a twitterstorm.
  • Mark Cuban responds that Musk doesn’t have “other people’s interests at heart.”

Two days ago, Elon Musk cussed out the State of California during an earnings call for being “fascist” because of its coronavirus shutdown of Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA). Now Mark Cuban has called him out for it.

Elon Musk Earnings Call Goes Corona Viral

The battle began with Elon Musk ranting,

The expansion of shelter-in-place, or as we call it, forcibly imprisoning people in their homes, against all their constitutional rights, is, in my opinion, breaking people’s freedoms in ways that are horrible and wrong, and not why people came to America and built this country.

Musk’s tirade included an explosion left out of many sanitized accounts:

What the f$$k!

From which Musk went on to say,

To say that they cannot leave their house and they will be arrested if they do… this is fascist…. This is not democratic. This is not freedom. Give people back their g$dd$mn freedom!

Musk is clearly struggling under the tensions of Carmageddon because Tesla has not been allowed to manufacture a single car for almost a month now.

Musk’s coronavirus meltdown started building toward a boil-over a day before this earnings call when the billionaire burst out,

Elon Musk coronavirus rant Free America Now
Source: Twitter 

Obviously, Elon was hardly holding it together.

Mark Cuban Calls Out Musk

Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, responded to the fascist blast. Cuban calmly and rationally spoke what appeared to be on many people’s minds, based on the tweetstorm that developed around the #BoycottTesla  hashtag.

“Anything that negatively impacts Tesla, Elon hates, period, end of story,” Cuban said. “I don’t think he has other people’s interests at heart. I mean, I don’t really know him at all, but that’s just my take.”

Elon Musk Drives Tesla Over Cliff

When Elon Musk tweets, the news cycle follows, but Musk turned the twitterstorm into a hurricane when he followed up his rant with a whirlwind of rabid tweets:

Selling almost all physical possessions…. My gf  [girlfriend] is mad at me…. Will own no house…. Tesla’s stock price is too high…. Now give people back their freedom.

Elon Musk Coronavirus Rant 1 - selling house
Elon Musk Rant 1 | Source: Twitter 
Elon Musk Coronavirus Rant 2 - Rage against dying of the light
Elon Musk Rant 2 | Source: Twitter 
Elon Musk Rant 3 Rages Against Tesla Stock Priced Too High
Elon Musk Rant 3 | Source: Twitter 

The final plea in Elon’s fulminating resulted in a 10% plunge in Tesla stock  as it repriced to meet Musk’s wishes.


Tesla Prophet Fails

A couple of months ago, Elon Musk had predicted that the U.S. would be down to zero cases of coronavirus by May. Well, May Day came today, and the latest report was 26,000 new cases of coronavirus just for the day on which Musk interviewed on his earnings call.

There have been over one-million cases or coronavirus reported in the U.S. since the pandemic began .

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