The Many Tendrils of Mark Karpeles and Paranoia They Cause

Scott Fargo @TalonTech1
March 9, 2014

As the continuing fallout from the MtGox disaster happens the negative publicity and the infamy of Mark Karpeles grows. Mark with his Companies shed a large shadow on other companies and business’s that may have ties to them. It also makes one think twice when looking into new services and companies that deal with the storage and use of Bitcoin.

One company that the shadow fell for me is Neo-Bee.

On their main page, they are presenting their service for the Neo-Bee card. This is a card that would allow you to buy products easily with Bitcoin.

Neo-Card Home

While this is a great idea that needs wider adoption I was caught off-guard by their link to Mark Karpeles and Tibanne’s

As you know and would have read the article here by Diana Ngo, about Mark Karpeles and Tibanne it is a company with a troubled past and illegal activities he and it were sued due to.

In Neo-Bee’s FAQ section, they link to his Tibanne owned website I had emailed Neo & Bee asking them for clarification on if they were involved with Mark or MtGox.

Neo & Bee did respond promptly and stated

Hi Scott,

Let me start by that we have absolutely no connection to Mark Karples or Mt.Gox. The reason we refer people to that page is because it is a non-profit page which contains many useful pieces of information. It connects to services like Bitstamp, Coinbase and Btc-e so we therefore believe it is a valuable reference tool

Tom Brimley
Help Desk
Neo & Bee Ltd

The main reason my worry of Mark Karpeles involvement is that Neo-Bee has been linked with other exchanges that had issues in the past, as well. There is a great read on it is here BitCoinTalk about a take over of BitFunder on Nov 27, 2013 when it had problems and people lost their bitcoins.

In this case it is a coincidence that they linked to Marks site.  The vast nature of Mark Karpeles perfidy with MtGox and past illegal activities with Tribanne leave a specter over everything he has touched leading to worries when anything associated with him comes up.

I was not looking for conspiracies I was looking for new products to use that allows easier use and investment with Bitcoins.

Mark Karpeles has tendrils throughout the Bitcoin community. Some are innocuous and nothing more than links to his websites, which this is. Others are still working with him on differing business ventures.

With his track record of criminal and negligent activities, it taints things like the bitcoins website that is an excellent informational tool.

I am going to continue to look into the Neo-Bee card along with others in development as it is an excellent concept.

As I go on looking for other types of cards, storage and exchanges I am more aware, keeping an eye out for ties to people and companies that have a shady past as Mark Karpeles and Tibanne.

Mark Karpeles, Smirking Disdain for The People He Steals From.

If I am going to trust my coins to a business, I do not want it to be attached to someone like that.
The whole MtGox scandal has made me as well as many others seek deeper and think more than once before trusting any company or service with our Bitcoins.

In this case the Neo-Bee card and Neo & Bee the company itself thankfully have no ties to him or his shady company Tibanne.

Photo of Mark Karpeles is a photoshop version found on google.

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