MAKEAFOLIO, INC. Offers an All-Inclusive Solution to Asset Management, Portfolio Diversification, Social Media, and Blockchain Education

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The time has finally arrived. MAKEAFOLIO, INC. is proud to announce that our pre-ICO is now live! After months of hard work, the Makeafolio team is happy to announce that the project has finally begun.


Makeafolio is a cryptocurrency management platform taking the guesswork out of portfolio management and blockchain investment with the creation of an all-inclusive platform that users of all skill levels can use with ease. Members will be able to choose from proven leaderboard portfolios or create their own diversification ratios with the click of a button. As well as offering simplified portfolio management, MAKEAFOLIO, INC. aims to educate newcomers with the introduction of a social platform, mentorship programs, and education syllabuses.

If you would like to learn more about the project, their whitepaper can be found at:

How to get involved

The MAF token will be selling at a rate of 1200 MAF per ETH. In order for MAKEFOLIO, INC. to remain compliant with the US Anti Money Laundering Act, you will need to visit to complete the Know Your Customer form if you would like to participate. You will receive a response within 1 to 2 business days upon completing the application.

Once you have been approved to participate in the pre-sale, please visit and make an account using the same email address provided in the KYC form. From there, users may purchase MAF tokens using five different currencies; APL, ETN, ETH, BTC, and LTC. Not only can users purchase tokens, but each account is given a unique referral address to earn an additional 5% bonus.

Currently, MAKEAFOLIO, INC. is running a promotion for participating users. Any user who purchases MAF tokens will automatically be entered into a draw to win 100% of whatever they buy, including referrals. For more information, please watch the YouTube video here:

Their recent partnership with Apollo means that each user will need to create an Olympus Wallet, found here: MAKEAFOLIO, INC. will be utilising the Hermes Apollo Blockchain for their ICO phases and also integrating it into their platform to ensure that security, scalability, and privacy is accounted for. For more information about Apollo, please follow the links below:




How to earn tokens

MAKEAFOLIO, INC. is running multiple different bounty programs through Bounty0x. If you would like to participate and earn some free tokens for spreading the word, please follow the links below to get started:

Twitter bounty campaign -

Facebook bounty campaign -

Article bounty campaign -

Youtube bounty campaign -


To learn more about MAKEAFOLIO, INC. please visit:








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