Even a ‘Marriage’ to Loretta Lynn Won’t Make Kid Rock Relevant

Kid Rock got “married” to country music legend Loretta Lynn in a sad publicity stunt. He’s desperate for relevance at this point.
Kid Rock
Try as he may, Kid Rock will never make it back into the hearts of confused Americans. | Source: udo salters photography / Shutterstock.com
  • Kid Rock “married” country music legend Loretta Lynn over the weekend.
  • Lynn was called a “cougar” and the spectacle was called “tabloid fodder.”
  • The rap-rocker-turned-Trump supporter is desperate for relevance, at this point.

Kid Rock got married. Sort of.

The 49-year-old patron saint of white trash “married” country music legend Loretta Lynn over the weekend.

It was hailed as a “hillbilly soiree,” but it feels more like a desperate grasp for attention.

Kid Rock Is Chasing Clicks

Unable to get headlines for legitimate reasons like “making music,” or — better yet — retiring to Boca Raton, Kid Rock decided to pull a publicity stunt of epic proportions by getting down on one knee to country music legend Loretta Lynn. Apparently, Lynn & Rock had “joked” about getting married in the past, and they decided that there was no time quite like her son’s vow renewal (oh, Loretta, how could you?) to pull the stunt.

And yes, y’all, there are pictures of this disaster, which you can see below.

Kid Rock
Somebody just please explain WHY this had to happen. WHY. || Source: Facebook

Believe it or not, the man born Robert Ritchie is an ordained minister and officiated the real wedding between Lynn’s son, Ernest, and his wife, Crystal.

I mean, can this get any messier?

A Hot Hillbilly Mess

These days, Kid Rock is known more for his support of Donald Trump — almost to the point of parody — than he is for his music. And while that has its own charm (because to be blunt, his music was awful on a good day), it’s also annoying to watch him chase headlines like a Z-list reality star.

Check out this video of him cozying up to Trump:

In this Trumpian age, we really don’t need any more racist, sexist, problematic “celebrities” who make terrible music. We were wrong to make this guy famous in the first place. Now, we need to relegate him and his legacy to the dustbin of history.

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