London O2 Arena hosts first Bitcoin Fight Night

March 31, 2014 19:25 UTC
Kevin Ward is one of the eight fighters at the first Bitcoin Fight Night. The event will take place the fitth of April in the London O2 Arena.

Exchanges being hacked, China manipulating markets, the IRS trying to get some attention as well, life has been busy in Bitcoin land. Unfortunately, none of this falls in the ‘good news’ category. Time for something positive!

Get ready to rumble

Ever heard of Bitcoin Fight Night? Don’t feel bad if you haven’t, it’s a brand new concept. The first edition of this spectacle will be held on the fifth of April. Since starting small is boring, the people behind it decided to host this event in the O2, also known as the North Greenwich Arena in London.

Spokesperson for the first Bitcoin Fight Night is Patrick Carroll. He organises the event with his close friend Matt O’Connor. Both of them have been present in the world of martial artists. Their keen interest in cryptocurrencies gave them the idea of combining the two. “Me and Matt O’Connor are originally martial artists/fight promoters and have a very keen interest in crypto currencies. We believe it is the future of online payment.”, Said Carroll.

The goal of the entire idea is to bring the Bitcoin community and martial arts together. The event will include an eight man K-1 kickboxing tournament. Of course, there’s prize money to be made, as well. The winner will receive the Bitcoin equivalent to 5,000 British pounds.

“We have put together an eight man elimination K-1 Rules tournament, where the winner will receive 5000 pounds in Bitcoin.  We have sourced the absolute best fighters from the UK & Europe and they are ready to put on a great show for the martial arts and Bitcoin fans.”, Added Carroll.

Organizing the event was not a walk in the park, according to Carroll. They had to experience certain difficulties and while he did not want to go into any detail about them, he stated: “Many hurdles have been thrown in front of us while putting this show together but because we are fighters at heart we do not give up and we keep pushing forward!”

Keiser vs Bankster

Names like Kevin Ward, Liam McKendry and Jafar Mukri may not ring a bell if you’re not a fan of the sport, rest assured these are well-known names to people who keep track of kick boxing. After revealing the names of the fighters, Carroll also announced the name of one very special guest:

“Speaking of fighters, Max Keiser is also supporting us by competing in a celebrity bout against one of the well-known banksters.  There will also be a special episode of the Keiser report airing tomorrow promoting the event.”

Patrick Carroll hopes to attract as many spectators as possible and invites everyone to join the event:

“We are very much looking forward to and seeing everyone this Saturday 5th April and expect it to be the biggest Bitcoin gathering to date at London’s O2.”

If you’re a fan of kickboxing or want to see Max Keiser beat up a bankster (or get beat up himself, I can imagine some people would dig that too), you should make your way to the ticket store and secure your seat in the O2 Arena. Ticket prices vary between 29.75 and 45.75 pounds. Perhaps next time they should try to add a Bitcoin payment option…

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