Bitcoin Wall Street Logo Design Contest

December 23, 2013 21:14 UTC

Here is a cool contest for all design enthusiasts.  Apparently, there is a new Bitcoin center at 40 Broad St and they are offering a logo design contest for their organization.

From 99Designs Website:

“This organization is a physical Bitcoin education center located at 40 broad st. New York, NY. This location is about 100 feet off of Wall st. in the heart of the global financial center. The organization is located in a large retail space of the building next door to the New York Stock Exchange. The organization exists to bridge the gap between the bitcoin industry and the myriad of financial organizations to which wall street is the global hub.”

From my perspective, I think the news of a physical location, in New York, to discuss and educate about Bitcoin is just what it needs to grow.  Considering the location, this is the tipping point to allow large financial influencers to have a place to meet and absorb the community of Bitcoin.  Even as we race further down a path of technological advancement, the human interaction of the people responsible for the technology has not gone away.  Hey, maybe even Satoshi Nakamoto will be a regular.

At the time of this writing, 42 entries have been submitted.

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