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Little Town Hero Shows Game Freak Can’t Do Much But Churn Out Pokemon

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:30 PM
William White
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:30 PM
  • Little Town Hero is hitting PS4 in Japan on April 23.
  • The Nintendo Switch title didn’t go over well with reviewers or gamers.
  • It shows just how bad of a developer Game Freak has become.

Little Town Hero is making its way over to the PlayStation 4 , but that’s no real loss for the Nintendo Switch. It may come from Pokemon developer Game Freak, but a success it was not.

The role-playing game will arrive on PS4 on April 23, but only in Japan. Gamers in the rest of the world will probably see the port head to the console eventually. Not that they’ll care enough to pay attention.

Does Anyone Even Remember Little Town Hero?

Little Town Hero Easily Forgotten
You can’t blame gamers for forgetting about Little Town Hero. | Source: Twitter 

Little Town Hero was Game Freak’s attempt to show that it can make other games outside of Pokemon. Unfortunately, that attempt failed.

Reviews of Little Town Hero on the Switch hit the game hard. It’s repping a 64/100 on Metacritic with the user score on the website sitting at just 4/10 . Clearly, the game didn’t go over well with RPG fans.

That shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone aware of how Game Freak has mishandled the Pokemon series. If it wasn’t for the Pokemon name, those games wouldn’t do well at all.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield games were mired in controversy leading up to their release with the exclusion of the National Dex, lies from the developers, and more. The scandals continue to mount, and fans have new gripes with Game Freak over its Sword and Shield DLC.

Strip away the Pokemon name, and you have mediocre games that are way too simple and lacking in content .

Those complaints are the same ones levied at Little Town Hero.

Temtem Will Easily Outdo Any Pokemon Title Game Freak Can Make

For all Game Freak’s resources, there are indie game developers out there who are out-Pokemoning the Pokemon developer .

One look at that Temtem trailer reveals a superior gameplay experience to anything Game Freak has churned out in recent memory. Pokemon fans get to experience all the creature capturing and breeding that they love – in an MMO setting.

There’s no denying it at this point: Game Freak has lost its touch. The developer survives on the Pokemon name alone, and the failure of Little Town Hero proves it.