Litecoin Mining Pools Receive Help from KNC to Improve Titan Hash Rate

KNC is working with mining pools to improve the hash rate for their Titan customers after learning that customers saw hash rates under the promised 300MH/s. KNC is focusing on working with CleverMining as they're the largest pool on the Litecoin network. KNC has tested the Titan on several mining pools and has noted that certain pools perform notably better. WeMineLTC, GHash, and LiteGuardian are the highest performing pools tested while Coinotron and CleverMining mining pools are consistently lower.

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KNC Works with Mining PoolsMo

Most Titan miners are more interested in mining multiple profitable coins rather than mining Litecoin directly due to the high network difficulty induced by multiple mining ASIC manufacturers adding their products to the Litecoin network. With multipool mining pools, miners can "jump ship" to a new coin. That is especially helpful when the difficulty is much too high to be profitable, or the exchange rate drops significantly, or the network hash rate is just way too high.

Having access to a strong multipool which isn't at, near, or over the 51% ownership of the network hash rate, is invaluable to KNC Titan customers. Without the ability to maximize the little hashing power that the Titan does offer, Titan customers will recover even less of their money they invested in KNC's sometimes troubled operation.


KNC is, usually, more interested in hiding their dirty deeds or denying them, but this time their actions could help their customers. Do you think that KNC is trying to do the right thing? Will their kindness have any benefit for them? Do you think they're starting to fear a lawsuit for their illegal "no refunds" policy and they're trying to save their company from everyone looking for a refund? What do you think KNC's prerogative is? Leave a comment below and express your views.

Disclosure: I have two KNC Titans on pre-order.

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Photo of the Titan borrowed from KNC.

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