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Lindsay Lohan Is Back, But… Why?

Alyssa McCraw
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:02 PM
  • Lindsay Lohan is back again, a mere three months after dropping her first single in over a decade.
  • I’m not mad about Lindsay Lohan’s return. I just don’t know why the sudden resurgence.
  • Her chit-chats are fun, but they’re only starting rumors.

So, Lindsay Lohan has surfaced again–the only problem is, I don’t know why.

Party on, LiLo

Wait, no; please don’t party just yet.  Not until we figure out why it is we’re partying in the first place.

Whatever you find to be synonymous with the name Lindsay Lohan is likely dependent on your demographic.

When you hear her name, do you think of her mid-1990s “Parent Trap” remake?  Or, are you harked back to her mid-2000s modern/Millenial cult classic  “Mean Girls?”

(And yes, The New Yorker confirms it’s a classic via their aptly-titled article, “Why Mean Girls Is A Classic.” )

You might be thinking of something else entirely.  As evidenced above, my mind goes straight to Mykonos.

Lindsay Lohan turns 34

No matter how you remember her (or from what timeframe), there’s no denying that Lindsay Lohan has mellowed out since the last time we saw her.

She seemed super chill during Friday’s self-shot Instagram video–healthy, even!

Lindsay Lohan is coming “Back to” herself. | Source: Instagram 

Sure, filters can work wonders, but LiLo’s vibe was all about “gratitude.”

And during all these tough times I feel like I’ve learned to understand the simplicity of life and birthdays.

She goes on:

I was thinking about how many birthdays I’ve had that are just like so extravagant and how lucky we all are to just have the people around us that we love and the people in our lives that we love and how simple is key.

She dropped a new song in April, her first in 12 years

Lindsay’s latest music release, a comeback track, is titled “Back to Me.”

In quite unfortunate timing (especially considering she’d waited almost a decade), the lockdown lined up with the single’s early April street date. It was sad we had to wait 12 years for new music only for it to be released during a pandemic.

Still, her interviews since April have been entertaining–and revealing at the same time. What became evident to me was that she had a lot of “catching up to do”–not necessarily with her work or among her peers per se.  Just like, literally catching up.

So now, she’s come “Back to Me” (or herself)

Naturally, the people interviewing her wanted to know what Lindsay Lohan’s been doing for the last decade.

The point is, she’s back. She looks great, she sounds great, but the sudden single drop had the people ready for a slew of Lindsay Lohan summer bops–of which we’ve received none.

I didn’t realize what an excellent conversationalist she is until watching this makeshift press tour of hers back in April.  Given her line of work (and how long she’s been in it), the rambling makes total sense.

Here’s an example:

She wants (another) ‘Mean Girls 2’ movie

In hindsight, I think the blame can fall on her mad-tenured media skills. That could explain why her recent teleconferences turned into a tell-alls. It also explains why there are rumblings for another Mean Girls 2.  (There already is Mean Girls 2, it just doesn’t include the original cast.)

Lindsay’s an easy one to talk to, so why not bring up her most iconic moments during an interview?

That’s why I don’t think she meant to spin the rumor wheel about an original cast “Mean Girls” reunion/remake.

But she did mention that famous photo…

In one of her interviews with The Daily Mail back in April, Lindsay did mention the now-infamous photo of her, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton.

Screenshot of a Twitter thread containing "All of the drama surrounding this iconic photo of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan."
There’s a very legend behind the picture of Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton packed in a tiny two-seater. | Source: Twitter 

I don’t think she meant to spark up any previous Paris Hilton drama (the hotel heiress has long since claimed that Lindsay crashed her Britney night-out ). In case you were wondering, though, now 34-year-old Lohan finally had a clapback  for the 14-year-old allegations that she crashed the party:

I’ve never had to crash a party in my life.  Just leave it at that.

If you really want to know what Lindsay is up to, you can follow her on the socials –or even ask her directly. She’s slashed the price of her customized Cameo clips  by more than 50%, but it’ll still run you about $300 (i.e., $10/second).

That’s the price you pay to “party in Mykonos.”

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