Linda Cryptocoin Offers Faster, Secure Transactions and Improved Miner Rewards


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Linda, a Dogecoin like cryptocoin, features faster, secure transactions and a better return on investment. The hybrid cryptocoin features a masternode that provides fast, secure transactions. It is also designed to provide a better return on investment in two ways, either by staking or running a masternode. It offers 50% block reward for masternodes.

While less than two months old, Linda continues to expand its presence daily.

Linda supports multi-wallets and encrypted messaging for complete anonymity. Transactions occur in seconds.

Improved Miner Rewards

Linda offers miners more than 70% pure PoS Block reward phase and 99% APR.

One to 20 blocks will be premined. Miners will receive 20 to 50 zero reward, 51 to 790115 reward, 14150 halving reward, PoS from block 25. DGW v3 will activate on block 100.

Active mining pools include Pool 1, Pool 2 and hexpool.

Price Improves

Linda’s price was $0.000137, giving it a market capitalization of $809,071 as of Aug. 23, 2017, according to Its circulating supply was 5.885 billion out of a maximum supply of 50 billion.  Since its early July launch, the price jumped from $0.000032 to 0.00030 on July 25, bobbing between the starting price and the peak through late August, according to

It has multiple wallets in Windows, Linux, Macosx and Raspberry Pi and Windows USB, with Android and Electrum wallets coming soon. Users can download the wallet on the website.

Linda’s masternodes collateral includes 30 million staking, a minimum staking age of 24 hours and unlimited staking age.

The coin is listed on the following exchanges: Coinexchange, Yobit Exchange and Cryptopia. Other exchanges will include Livecoin and C-cex.

At this writing, 40% of the maternodes were in the United states, while 15% were from Tor, 11% from Germany and 7% from Poland.

The source code is available from the GitHub page.

For information, visit the following sites:





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