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Let’s Not Be Amazed that Multimillionaire Adele Can Lose Weight

Adele has posted a photo of her svelte new figure on Instagram, causing the internet to gasp in amazement that a millionaire can lose weight.

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Simon Chandler
May 6, 2020 10:20 AM
  • Grammy-winning singer Adele has gone viral after posting an Instagram photo showing her svelte new image.
  • Fans are amazed by her reinvented appearance, but it’s not really amazing that a multimillionaire has the time and money to make herself over.
  • It’s deluded to take Adele as an example of how we can “all” lose weight since many people lack the resources.

OMG! Adele has lost weight! Wow! I mean, Adele is a multimillionaire with lots of leisure time on her hands. So it’s almost unbelievable that someone in her unfortunate position could shed some pounds. She deserves a medal, or perhaps some more platinum certificates and Grammy awards.

Seriously, it’s ridiculous that millions of people are excited by a mega-rich celebrity losing weight. They see one photo on Instagram of a member of the global elite with a svelte figure, and they quickly fall in line with excessive praise.

Yeah, I know: Adele went through a “painful” divorce. Big whoop: pretty much every person on the planet has been through a trauma of one kind or another. But Adele is rich beyond 99.9% of the global population’s wildest dreams, so we’d be stupid to think that her dramatic makeover proves we can all do the same.

OMG Adele! Damn Adele! That’s Adele!

In case you missed it, Adele posted a photo on Instagram today. Intended to mark her 32nd birthday, it revealed that she’s lost some weight. Not only that, but it also revealed a “dramatic” change in style.

Adele Instagram photo
Source: Instagram

So far, so ordinary. But much of the internet responded to this modest post by going mental. Seriously, people lost their marbles. It was as if no one had ever lost weight in the history of human civilization before, least of all multimillionaire celebrities.

Adele makeover tweet
Source: Twitter

A large number of very easily impressed people also commented on how Adele has remodelled her image. Again, it’s absolutely (not) unbelievable that the second richest musician in the U.K. — worth £150 million (c. $185.5 million) — can find the time and money to buy some new clothes and makeup.

Adele new style tweet
Source: Twitter

Really, is it that the coronavirus pandemic has left us with nothing genuinely worth getting excited about?

Or is it simply that social media encourages people to jump on the bandwagon of lowest-common-denominator trends, so as to increase their likes and follower counts?

Regardless, there is nothing interesting or remarkable about someone like Adele losing weight or changing their image. Nothing.

You Aren’t A Multimillionaire

Sure, some people might reply, “But Adele’s weight loss-makeover serves as inspirational proof of how we can all lose weight and look great.”

Adele inspiration tweet
Source: Twitter

People who think such a thing are gravely mistaken. Yes, Adele lost weight and changed her look. But this has very little relevance to most people on Earth.

Most people on Earth do not sit on a fortune of $185 million. When looking at developed countries, obesity is more common among the poor. In the U.S., studies have found that poorer people are less able to lose weight.

In other words, getting excited about Adele because she’s “an example to us all” is deluded. She’s an example to some, but many others will lack the resources of time, money and education to ever lose weight or make themselves over. To think otherwise is to hide from reality.

Indeed, the adulation we’ve bestowed on Adele today serves to blind us from reality. Our hoisting of Adele onto an “everywoman” pedestal hides inequality. It obscures the fact that Adele and others like her benefit from great wealth, while many of us suffer from the lack of it.

Toxic relationship tweet
Source: Twitter

Yes, Adele was in a toxic relationship. But she’s much more capable of bouncing back from it than the rest of us. For many women, divorce isn’t even an option.

So again, excuse me if I don’t get excited about a celebrity. We should all be more interested in reality.

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