Lesson of the Day: Never Mess With Sade

Twitter users tried to throw dirt on R&B singer Sade’s name today, and the dirt was thrown right back at them.


Sade Adu is an all-time great singer, not just a voice wrapped in a skintone. | Source: AP Photo/Andre Penner

  • Iconic R&B singer Sade was trending today.
  • People claimed that she was no better than current R&B singer Jhené Aiko because they’re both light-skinned.
  • The stars came out to check the young Twitter users for reducing an all-time great singer down to her skin color.

Sade is a line.

If you cross it, you will face the music. And it won’t be the sweet & soothing that kind you’re used to from Sade.

Twitter users learned that lesson the hard way today when they tried to diminish the soul singer’s entire body of work down to her light skin.

This is what happens when ‘woke’ meets ‘hot take’ meets ‘anyone on Twitter is allowed to speak.’

Thankfully, the internet wasn’t having it. It’s good to know there are still checks and balances in place.

Sade Is Comparable to…Jhené Aiko?

It appears as though this saga kicked off in the wee hours of the morning with these tweets from a keto-enthusiast:

Whoops. | Source: Twitter

Who is this ‘expert’? According to her Twitter bio, she’s really into makeup and the keto diet.

According to her tweets, she’s really into “DRAMA.” And drama is what she got.

The pushback was massive.

Legendary actress Halle Berry came to Sade’s defense:

Halle Berry
You know you messed up if you made Halle Berry mad. | Source: Twitter

Comedian Karlous Miller was not so nice:

One fan broke down the issue at hand:

Preach. | Source: Twitter

Video: If you’re somehow not familiar with Sade, click on this gift:


The Bigger Issues are Glaring

On the one hand, it’s okay for someone to be indifferent to Sade’s music. We may not like it, but everyone is entitled to their (wrong) opinion.

But why does this need to be a race issue?

She was born in Nigeria, and she’s getting slandered by someone from Chicago for not being black enough?

Hard pass on that.

Video: Sade consistently brought the hits:

Is Steph Curry no better at basketball than Kris Humphries because they’re both mixed? Is Patrick Mahomes no better than Dak Prescott for the same reason?

No. Of course not.

If we’re going to heal our race relations in this country, we need to stop making everything about race. Let Sade be the generational talent that she is because of her voice and her talent, and stop trying to turn everything into a hot take that makes you feel woke.

It’s the least woke thing you could do.

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Last modified: September 23, 2020 2:27 PM
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