Leaked Video of Moolah CEO Causes Legal Controversy

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July 4, 2014 5:00 AM UTC
Screenshot From Leaked Webcam Video

Upon the leaking of a webcam video, Moolah CEO Alex Green has threatened to take legal action against a Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer and others. The video is a conversation between Green, COO of Moolah Landon Merrill, Jackson Palmer and a representative of the original Dogecoin Foundation named Ben, reddit user /u/NeutralityMentality.

It is encouraged that you watch the entire video before making judgment. It is at the bottom of the page, and is 27 minutes long.

In video below, the four are having a conversation regarding an audit of Moolah to prove the companies solvency. Ben is questioning the audit’s validity, and requests that the company that performed the audit confirm its validity. The conversation is rather heated between both parties. However, the video is edited in a way that the beginning of the conversation is not shown so it is unknown why that is the case.

In response to the pressing questions, Green showed he did not agree with the request.

“At the end of the day, Ben, there are limits to what we are willing to do. There’s a limit to the amount of my time I am willing to waste,” Green said. Green also claimed it would cost the company money, to which Merrill also chimed in at defense. Merrill stated that it’s illegal in the United States along with the United Kingdom for Moolah to spend investor money to perform another audit.

This move was not favored by many in the community, and since has cause public debate along with quite a fair amount of drama on the Dogecoin subreddit between major figures in the community. While no one released the video due to legal concerns before, each side warned community members of problems regarding the other. Green receives verbal public attacks outright to this day, and has defended himself rather verbosely.

Then, somebody released the video conversation to the community today. Arvin Garcia of suchsafe.com published the video with his intentions, saying:

“The video is 100% legal to view, so that’s out of the way.”

“The main reason that we are releasing this video is to bring to light a false statement that Mr. Green knows is false but yet publicly posted on /r/Dogecoin as well as the Moolah blog.”

“Recently, Mr. Alex Green posted that in the aforementioned video, he and Mr. Merrill were told by the Foundation members that unless they ‘provide passports and personal property records’ then the Foundation member will do what he needs to do. “

“Mr. Green’s statement however is utterly false. There was never a demand for these and the video will provide that”

Once realizing the video had surfaced again, Green claimed Palmer leaked the video because it contains content from after Ben was removed from the call. Green did look to take legal action against Palmer for supposedly releasing the video. “Ben previously leaked the video, this video was leaked by Jackson,” Green said. “I did not want to have to pursue legal action, but it now looks like we have no choice.”

However, Green noted that after further investigation, this allegation was incorrect and he apologized. Ben and Palmer were warned of legal action being taken against them by Green at around the 11-minute mark of the video.

In response to the video and the posting by Garcia, Green claims that there is a lot of backstory surrounding the video that was not shown or mentioned.

“We do not buckle to bullying or threats,” he said. “If you are making assumptions based on a highly edited video, that is foolish.”

Garcia says that the video below has been edited, but contains a bulk of the original content. He claims the original unedited video in its entirety will be posted later. Now that legal action has been threatened, that sentiment is up in the air.

Editor’s Note: It has come to CCN.com’s attention that the leaked video has been taken down for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.

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