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Leaked PS5 Controller Feature Is Cool But Unoriginal

An internet user managed to snag a screenshot of Sony's upcoming PS5 controller. It's cool, but not quite revolutionary.

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Jasmine Henry
January 18, 2020 12:14 AM
  • The PlayStation France site leaks an unannounced feature of the PS5 controller.
  • The controller will be backward compatible and will work with PS4 and PS5.
  • The site also confirmed that the controller will be called the DualShock 5.

The French version of the PlayStation site may have leaked an unannounced feature of the PS5 controller. A comparison table for all versions of the PS4 said that the consoles all work with “DS4 / DS5”. The table doesn’t say what “DS5” is but it likely means DualShock 5, or the PS5 controller.

An Opportune Screenshot

The information has been removed from the site since users on ResetERA first saw it and took a screenshot. PlayStation France may have just posted the information early. Sony could be planning to announce the DualShock 5’s backward compatibility at the rumored PS5 reveal event.

PS5 DS leak
PlayStation France may have accidentally spilled the beans on the upcoming DS5 backwards compatibility. | Image: ResetERA

Fans will be happy to learn that the new controllers will work with the PS4. It will make playing local co-op games on PS4 much easier.

Sony has also confirmed that PS4 controllers will work with the PS5. Controllers can cost a huge amount of money, but this will allow friend groups to play together without having to spend more.

How It Compares to Microsoft

The feature is cool but it’s not as exciting as Microsoft’s plans for its controllers. Microsoft’s Xbox One controllers can be customized to add messages and different colors. Sony may have sold more PS4s, but Microsoft may have sold more controllers.

Sony’s PS5 controller will likely have more to offer games than backward compatibility. If not, being able to work with the PS4 isn’t a very exciting feature for fans to enjoy.