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Leaked Jenna Chat Logs Expose Twitch Streamer’s Shocking Racist, Homophobic, & Sexist Slurs

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:29 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:29 PM
  • Twitch streamer Jenna is under fire after shocking Discord logs leaked.
  • The logs exposed her using racist, homophobic, and sexist slurs.
  • Jenna claims she doesn’t remember the conversations.

Twitch streamer Jenna is once again in hot water after a shocking Discord chat log containing racist, homophobic, and sexist slurs leaked on Reddit .

Jenna Discord Logs Leak (And They’re Not Pretty)

The latest controversy brings to light a staggering number of slurs exchanged with members of her Discord . We’ll warn you it makes for difficult reading given the gravity and liberal use of derogatory terms.

jenna twitch, discord chat log leak
This screenshot only scratches the surface of what’s in Jenna’s leaked chat logs. | Source: Reddit 

The logs feature calls to rape, attacks on other female streamers focused on their physical appearance, generalized racist remarks about perceived stalkers, the abuse of members of her Discord, and more.

The leak makes it abundantly clear that this isn’t a one-off slip or contextually misjudged faux pas, but rather a pattern of behavior.

Jenna was streaming on Twitch when the post went live. As the news was relayed to the streamer via chat, her reaction was broadcast in real time . After a few brief moments of contained panic, the streamer feigns amnesia exclaiming, “I don’t even remember this s**t.”

Later on, she reiterates that she does not remember the leaked Discord conversations  and admits that Twitch should remove her partner status regardless.

Scandals Mount Following Sexual Assault Accusations

The controversial streamer hit the headlines earlier this month for admitting to using her Twitch celebrity status to coerce a man into kissing her in what many viewed as sexual assault.

In the subsequent days, Jenna worked to debunk the accusations, providing context for the events that transpired during a conversation with Twitch streamer HasanAbi .

She also interviewed the alleged victim on stream , who claimed he was not forced to kiss the streamer through threats of being exposed on stream.

With evidence of questionable behavior racking up against the partnered streamer, calls for Twitch to respond and dish out an appropriate sanction are gathering steam.

The Amazon-owned company has yet to comment on the successive controversies, but there’s a sense it can no longer ignore what has become an increasingly toxic blight on the streaming platform.