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March 19, 2014 3:00 AM UTC

Late To The Party: Biostar To Release BTC-24GH Bitcoin ASIC Mining Board

Editor's Note: Biostar is incredibly late to the party.  Each one of Biostar's ASIC chips provides around 375 MH/s for 2W.  These units are on par with Avalon and ASICMiner Batch 1 ASICs from 2012.  These ASIC chips will only be able to hash SHA-256,…

Editor‘s Note: Biostar is incredibly late to the party.  Each one of Biostar’s ASIC chips provides around 375 MH/s for 2W.  These units are on par with Avalon and ASICMiner Batch 1 ASICs from 2012.  These ASIC chips will only be able to hash SHA-256, there are ASIC chips that can hash Scrypt  faster and more power efficiently than these sad boards already.  The power efficiency of these chips is ~5W/GH compare that with 1W/GH and better offered by CoinTerra, BFL, and all other competitors.  Additionally, I highly doubt Biostar will accept Bitcoin for these boards, not that any Bitcoiner would pay for these anyways.


Biostar’s BTC-24GH motherboard will offer 24 GH/s cryptocurrency mining.

Biostar is releasing a new board, specifically made to mine cryptocurrencies with. The board would contain 64 asics, making it fit for smooth mining. Performances would be equivalent of thirty Radeon 7970 GPUs.  Though Biostar is adamant in calling the device a motherboard, it is in all actuality a daughterboard.  The boards are stackable and up to 50 BTC-24GH boards can be slaved to a motherboard with Windows 7/8.

Not even the first mining “motherboard”

It’s not the first time a company releases a board that’s solely intended for mining coins. ASRock introduced a similar board before. It had six PCI-e slots on it, making room for six graphics cards. The new Biostar board takes a different approach by adding 64 asics to the board.

The board will be called BTC-24GH. Its measurements are 244x244mm, and it will use 130 Watts. Com-to-com and com-to-usb cables will ship with the motherboard. Through the usage of com-ports, it will be possible to connect several boards to each other, up to a maximum of fifty boards which will result in a measly 1200GH/s for a whopping 6500W (4 20 AMP breakers at 120V).

No need to say this piece of hardware is targeted specifically at mining of cryptocoins. Biostar expects to see this board only in decent mining rigs. When utilized correctly, Biostar claims it can reach a power level of 24 GH/s. According to the manufacturer, this could be compared to thirty Radeon 7970 GPUs that are mining together. This is a high power level, especially for ‘amateurs’ who like to build their own mining rig at home. This poses the question whether Biostar will make this motherboard affordable for anyone but large enterprises. No news has been released so far concerning price or even release date. On their website, Biostar published the following news item:

“March 17th, 2014, Taipei, Taiwan BIOSTAR is now readying a crypto currency (such as Bitcoin) mining motherboard, the BTC-24GH, with 64 ASICs on-board that offers 24GH/s performance, equivalent to more than 30 ATI 7970 graphic cards. The product is now ready to ship, and BIOSTAR is planning to build up professional operation sites in specific countries.”

“Ready” to ship

Even though they speak about ‘readying a cryptocurrency mining motherboard’, it seems we won’t have to wait for long before being able to buy this motherboard. Biostar claims the product is ready to ship to specific countries. When the boards will ship, how much it costs, and what countries it will ship to remain unknown.

“With the rising price of Bitcoins, GPU mining can theoretically be profitable. What you need is a system that can do enormous amounts of mathematical calculations. Up till now, the best way to do this is the GPUs in graphics cards. Now there are ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit). ASICs are good at one thing only, solving mathematical hash functions. In this case, their strong hashing power and low power usage, making it very efficient to use,”

added Biostar to their official statement on the Biostar website. Reading this may imply that they are aiming to sell to both enterprises and common miners.  In actuality, it would take an incredibly astronomical rise in the price of Bitcoin for GPU mining to be even theoretically profitable for an enterprise or common miner anywhere in the world at this moment.

It is nice that Bitcoin mining seems to have made the mainstream, but this board is more or less an insult to the crypto community.  Thank you, try again.


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