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Larry David Compliments Woody Allen, ‘Woke’ Twitter Loses Its Mind

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:48 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:48 PM
  • Woody Allen’s career, as stellar as his work is, has been mired in controversy surrounding allegations of sexual assault.
  • Following pressure from Allen’s estranged children, publishing group Hachette Books dropped Allen’s memoir. Arcade Publishing released the book late last month.
  • ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ star Larry David commented that he felt Woody Allen ‘did nothing wrong’ after reading the book, sending woke Twitter into a tailspin.

Not long ago, the more woke members of Twitter were laughing along with Larry David. Remember his ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ sketch where he poked fun at President Trump and his MAGA followers?

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Oh, how times change.

Speaking to The New York Times,  David claims that Woody Allen’s memoir is “pretty great, it’s a fantastic book, so funny.”

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He also added:

You feel like you’re in the room with him, and yeah, it’s just a great book, and it’s hard to walk away after reading that book, thinking that this guy did anything wrong.

Uh oh. Someone get the safe spaces ready! I sense a triggering!

Larry David Should Know He Can’t Say Things Like That

The former Seinfeld supremo should know by now that there’s no quicker way to lose support from the woke masses than by daring to disagree with them.

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Despite Larry David being widely considered one of the masterminds of comedy, the Twitterati are coming out in droves to tell him where he’s going wrong.

I’m sure Larry David cares that you’re disappointed. | Source: Twitter 

Not only has Larry made the Bernie Bros cry by bashing their savior.  He’s also supporting Woody Allen. This sets him at odds with those who consider the legendary filmmaker to be guilty despite having no convictions.

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In an era where an accusation is as good as a guilty verdict, Larry David has stuck his neck out. He could’ve easily acted like the rest of the entertainment industry and kept his mouth shut and not rocked the boat.

You’d like to think this was a joke… | Source: Twitter 

The Truth Won’t Hinder Social Justice Warriors

Even today, I find enraged people on Twitter, claiming that Woody Allen “did something wrong.” Apparently, he “married his adoptive daughter.”

Despite an air of authority, this Twitter user is simply wrong | Source: Twitter 

Not the types to let the truth and facts get in the way of their deluded views, Allen himself addresses these types of idiots  in his book:

There are still loonies who think I married my daughter, who think Soon-Yi was my child, who think Mia was my wife, who think I adopted Soon-Yi, who think that Obama wasn’t American. But there was never any trial. I was never charged with anything, as it was clear to the investigator’s nothing had ever occurred.

Larry David Will Be Lambasted for His Views, but He’s Entitled to Them

Certain sections of the internet actively search for situations that will provide them with a cause and a reason to “rage.” It’s essential, however, to remember that these types of people are very much in the minority.

They’re a vocal minority for sure, especially when it comes to social media.

But, social media isn’t a great barometer of, well, anything. If it were, Trump wouldn’t be President, and Bernie Sanders would be king of the world.

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