LAPO – A Crypto Payment System for Widespread Adoption

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LAPO aims to facilitate the widespread adoption of digital currencies, breaking the barriers that stand in the way and creating a financial service system that takes full advantage of the benefits therein.

As the cryptosphere keeps on expanding, investors and enthusiasts cannot wait for it to go mainstream and revolutionize financial systems. But obstacles such as volatility, incompatible wallet systems, insecurity, high transaction costs, extended processing times and low customer support levels among others stand in the way of its widespread adoption.

LAPO Coin (LAX) claims to have what it takes to solve the above problems and make it easy for commercial entities and individuals to embrace crypto payments as part of everyday life. The currency is characterized by low volatility, a high transaction speed network, security features and privacy for its users. These are just some of the features that make it practical for commercial activity in the real world economy and an ideal participant in the move towards a global crypto economy.

Take a look at the fundamental building blocks that make this a reality:

Eliminating Volatility – The Stability Fund

When bitcoin first came into existence, one of its foremost objectives was to reduce the level of human interference and centralized power in the financial system. In a bid to keep up with that objective, LAPO is building an AI system with capabilities of self-regulation, adaptability and intellectual honesty to manage the network’s monetary policy – the Stability Fund

To secure the network’s coin against the artificial volatility that has become commonplace in the crypto ecosystem, this AI system calculates and analyzes existing data autonomously. As such, it can detect and understand market situations in which illegal manipulation is taking place. For instance, in cases of pump and dump schemes by crypto traders, it uses what is referred to as the Seigniorage Shares Approach to avert the effect and stabilize the market.

Being a non-collateralized coin, its algorithm works independently from all other crypto and fiat currencies to ensure stability and growth. This means that even when other currencies experience deflation and inflation, the value of LAX will not be adversely affected.

Supporting Crypto Payments – LAPO ePlatform

The network also seeks to bridge the crypto universe with traditional finance systems using its ecosystem, the LAPO ePlatform which comprises a multi-currency wallet, payment processing facilities, trading features and a smart contract function complete with tokenization capabilities. All these features will in turn be connected together in the LAPO Bank to create a comprehensive ecosystem.


  • Flat Learning Curve


One of the major highlights of this system is that its design offers a flat learning curve for users creating a unique user experience even for newbies in the crypto ecosystem. Thanks to a lightweight blockchain size, the network will offer fast transaction processing times in the range of two to five seconds. A Multilanguage design adds to its user-friendliness, facilitating true widespread adoption.


  • Easy to Integrate


For business operators, a merchant portal on the platform will offer a commercially-oriented wallet that will make it easy to integrate crypto payments into operations. The wallet will have business intelligence capability and a reporting functionality. Additionally, there will be an easy-to-use gateway with an API that will allow for integration of crypto payments on online shops and mobile device apps. In this way, the system will offer a fast and cost-effective system for any business that wishes to incorporate a cashless transaction model.


  • Secure and Convenient System


A custom sale point will offer easy access to the platform using mobile devices or a computer at any place of business. NFC communication support will make it easy for customers to pay for goods using touch functionality and in cases where that is not possible, a QR code will be used. Payments will take anywhere between one and five seconds.

A major challenge facing crypto users is the fact that there is no protection during the sale process. Customers, as well as business owners using the LAPO system, will enjoy protection from scams, online fraud and the unwitting purchase of stolen items.

Token Sale Details

The LAPO team has opted to carry out a token sale so as to bring the project to life. They had a Whitelist process and now they are at stage 2 of the ICO that will be running until June 1st, 2018. After that, they will run a stage 3 to finish the entire ecosystem.

The project which has a total supply of 10 billion LAX tokens will avail 3 billion of them for the public presale. 5 billion will be reserved for the Stability Fund, 1 billion will be allocated to the founders and executives, 0.5 billion to advisors, marketing, and bounties and the final 0.5 billion to masternodes, developers, and other team members.

More information about the project and its ongoing ICO is available on the platform’s website.

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