Lamar Jackson & the Ravens Have Bigger Problems Than the Titans

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens have face a threat WAY bigger than the Tennessee Titans: the infamous “Drake Curse.”
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Lamar Jackson's greatest threat in the divisional round of the playoffs won't be on the field. | Source: Patrick Smith/Getty Images/AFP

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens have taken the NFL by storm. After two early losses, they won 12 in a row – eight by double digits – to finish the regular season looking like the AFC’s most unbeatable team.

But no one is unbeatable.

There’s always something – be it a trick, player, or scheme – that eventually exposes a previously-hidden vulnerability in a seemingly-invincible team.

Unfortunately for Lamar Jackson, that something may have been discovered.

Happy Birthday, Lamar Jackson!

Jackson turned 23 earlier this week. The birthday wishes came pouring in on social media—including one he probably loved, but fans found terrifying.

It was from Drake.

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Source: Twitter

Getting a shout-out from someone of his stature would usually be an honor. But when it comes to the popular rapper, a shout-out also brings the dreaded “Drake Curse.”

The Drake Curse Bites the Ravens

Over the years, it seems that whenever Drake throws his support behind an athlete or a team, they inevitably lose.

Before his fight with Andy Ruiz Jr. in June, Anthony Joshua posed with Drake and pledged to break the curse—but lost the fight in a stunning upset.

drake curse
Source: Twitter

Joshua is not the only fighter to fall victim to the curse, either.

drake curse, conor mcgregor
Source: Twitter

Drake appeared at a Toronto Maple Leafs playoff game last April wearing a team jersey. The Maple Leafs went on to lose the series in seven.

Before the College Football Playoff National Championship game last season, he posted “motivation” for Alabama, who then lost to Clemson in stunning fashion.

The list goes on and on, crossing into many different sports. So, it is not hard to see why superstitious Ravens fans are not happy. But it is just a silly superstition.


Well, Drake did wear some 76ers attire during Game Seven of the Raptors-76ers series last year. Kawhi Leonard did get one heck of a bounce on that final, game-winning shot.

Lamar Jackson Should Be More Scared of Drake Than the Titans

Lamar Jackson isn’t worried.

He thinks it is cool to have a celebrity friend. But maybe now that he has gone public with their friendship, he should be.

Then again, the Ravens are such heavy favorites. Surely, they can overcome some silly curse.


Joshua was a heavy favorite over Ruiz. Serena Williams lost to an unranked player, Roberta Vinci, who was a 300-1 underdog.

The Ravens are nine to ten-point favorites over the Titans this weekend. Are they next? Maybe it’s time they finally unleash their secret weapon.

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