Lady Gaga Reacting To Carole Baskin On ‘DWTS’ Debut Wins The Internet

Carole Baskin made her ‘DWTS’ debut last night, and needless to say, she nearly broke the Internet. Lady Gaga’s reaction was priceless.
Carole Baskin
Lady Gaga was not prepared for this--just like the rest of us. | Source: YouTube/ Dancing With the Stars
  • Carole Baskin made her “DWTS” debut last night.
  • The Internet has very strong opinions about her routine.
  • But no reaction could even come close to Lady Gaga’s pure joy in watching Baskin dance so terribly.

Carole Baskin finally made her “DWTS” debut last night.

Somewhere in an Oklahoma federal prison, Joe Exotic is punching walls and cursing like a sailor.

Her arch-nemesis aside, the Internet has strong opinions about Baskin’s debut. Still, no reaction could even come close to Lady Gaga’s pure joy in watching this cult celebrity dance so terribly.

Watch Baskin’s full routine here:


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Lady Gaga Loves Her Some Carole Baskin

2020 has been, to put it mildly, a complete dumpster fire. So, we’ve learned to find our joys where we can — even if the pleasure is only found in Carole Baskin dancing horribly to the 1980s hit, “Eye of the Tiger.”

Yes, she’s possibly a terrible person — though nowhere near as awful as Joe Exotic, that really isn’t saying much — but she’s an even worse dancer. And it’s only the latter that can bring nothing but joy.

Just ask Lady Gaga, who decided to video herself watching the Big Cat Rescue founder on “DWTS” while eating what looks like a bowl of nachos. Check it out below.


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I don’t blame her for laughing that hard at Carole Baskin. She has about as much rhythm as a kindergarten dance recital.

Not Everyone Is Happy About This

While most of the reactions to Baskin’s “DWTS” debut have been a mix of delight and confusion, not everyone is thrilled about her newfound mainstream stardom.

As she was hoofing it up on national television, the family of Don Lewis — Baskin’s second husband — took out an ad asking for information about his disappearance. As those who’ve watched the hideous “Tiger King” know, Baskin is rumored to be behind it — to the point that the commonly accepted lore is that she “fed him to the tigers.”

Carole Baskin
Don Lewis’s family isn’t happy about Carole Baskin and her “DWTS” fame. | Source: Twitter

It will be interesting to see if Carole Baskin can, indeed, take home the mirror ball trophy on “DWTS”…and if she will end up facing the real music that some people claim she should.

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