LA Noire 2 ‘Leak’ Is Tantalizing – But Don’t Ignore the Red Flags

A mysterious YouTube topic channel that has since been removed suggests Rockstar Games may be working on LA Noire Part 2.
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March 18, 2020 3:11 PM UTC
  • Rockstar Games may be working on a sequel to LA Noire.
  • A now-deleted YouTube channel reportedly featured a song from the game’s soundtrack.
  • Unfortunately, there’s a good chance the “leak” is entirely fake.

A fresh leak suggests Rockstar Games may be hard at work on a sequel to its neo-noir sleuthing game, LA Noire.

Is Rockstar Working on LA Noire 2?

An automatically-generated YouTube topic channel was discovered by a Reddit user yesterday. The channel is no longer available, but it bore the title “LA Noire Part 2.”

Did Rockstar accidentally spill the beans on a sequel to LA Noire? | Source: Rockstar Games

The channel featured a song called “Break My Stride” by American artist Matthew Wilder. Here’s where things get really interesting.

Prefacing the song was what appeared to be a DJ introducing the song and mentioning a radio station called KTI Radio. The radio station will be familiar to anyone who’s played LA Noire because it’s the only one that appears in the game.

As one Redditor explains:

The “topic” channels are auto-generated by YouTube when it thinks there are videos centered around said topic. The videos can be generated by music provided by companies like any other streaming service.

The suggestion is that a portion of LA Noire Part 2’s soundtrack was provided by publisher Take-Two Interactive for copyright protection purposes and then uploaded to YouTube. Our understanding is that regular users can’t create these so-called topic channels.

The suggestion is that a portion of LA Noire Part 2’s soundtrack was provided by publisher Take-Two Interactive and then uploaded to YouTube. | Source: YouTube (deleted) via Reddit

Giving credibility to this theory is that the lone song’s description reads:

Provided to YouTube by Take-Two Interactive
Break My Stride – Matthew Wilder
The Music of L.A Noire Part Two
℗ 2020 Warner Chappell Music.
Released on: 2020-03-13
Auto-generated by YouTube.

Additionally, the image backing the song featured among those that surfaced on Rockstar’s website in recent weeks.

Why This LA Noire Leak Might Be Fake

While rumors that Rockstar is secretly working on an LA Noire sequel are thrilling, we have to consider whether this “leak” is the work of someone trying to rile up fans.

Several people on the Reddit thread have expressed reservations, as has YouTuber ZacCoxTV. His case is pretty compelling – watch the full video above.

As such, we recommend taking all this with a pinch of salt.

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