L21 Litecoin Miner Retailer Celebrates Amazing First Sales Event and Announces Second Free Global Shipping Now Available on All Orders


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Block Assets Limited trading as HyperBit, exclusive worldwide distribution partner for Bewang Electronic Commerce’s (BW) L21 Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Scrypt Miner for Litecoin, had an amazing first sale on 27 September and sold out of its first stock run in two hours.

Its retail website HyperBit Shop, will be starting its next sale on Thursday 12th October at 14:00 GMT/UTC/7:00 USA Pacific Time and once again crypto-currency miners and commercial mining farms can order the L21 Miner for Litecoin in any quantity. BW has previously limited the sale of the L21 to major mining companies, with large minimum order quantities required.

Developed and manufactured by one of China’s largest and best known crypto companies, the L21 is widely reported by experts to be the fastest and most efficient Litecoin ASIC miner on the market. Each miner uses 144 ASIC 28NM chips to deliver more hash rate and efficiency than any other Litecoin miner available today.

The L21 is used by many of the big commercial mining farms as it has the best return on investment. Its frequency is 550 MH/s (plus or minus ten percent), with the ability to upgrade to 600 MH/s (plus or minus ten percent),  via its dashboard.

“We knew there would be strong interest demand for the L21, but even we were astounded at the extraordinary demand for it during our successful first sale. The L21’s return on investment is second to none, which is why serious miners are so keen to invest in them. We are excited to announce the next L21 sale starting this Thursday at 2:00 pm GMT or 7:00 am USA Pacific Time,” said Brett Fawell, COO, HyperBit.

With a beautifully designed high-grade aluminum case, customized heat-sinks and two computer-controlled fans using a combination of conduction and convection cooling to ensure it keeps cool, it is engineered to deliver consistent high performance.

HyperBit’s next sale of L21 Scypt Miners for Litecoin, will be available for order in quantities of one and above for US$2690, plus an additional US$99 for a PSU at www.Hyperbitshop.io. Hyperbit is excited to announce that free shipping is now available to 184 countries.

About HyperBit

HyperBit is at the forefront of all facets of crypto mining technology. It is a trusted and respected voice in the blockchain community, because it offers transparency, honest insight and confidence to an industry that is currently subject to secrecy and innuendo.  HyperBit is aiming to build a community that disrupts the crypto mining space; making blockchain software and mining technology open to all individuals and organizations globally. For more information please see the HyperBit Shop website: www.Hyperbitshop.io

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