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Kylie Cosmetics Shamelessly Lures out Fans During Global Pandemic

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:47 PM
Kate Prince
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:47 PM
  • Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics line has slashed prices in half at Ulta stores as part of Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty in a deplorable move by the retailer.
  • Considering the global pandemic, it just goes to show that vapid beauty fans are still in the market for lip gloss, no matter the cost to them or other people.
  • Ulta Beauty stores are currently closed until March 31st but plan to reopen.

Kylie Jenner has made a remarkable success of her company Kylie Cosmetics. While the make-up brand has gone from strength to strength since launching in 2015, there couldn’t be a worse time to shamelessly promote these non-essential items to the consumer masses.

Kylie Cosmetics
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Yes, the decision to cut prices to 50% was made by Ulta as part of their annual beauty event , so Kylie herself may not have had a role to play. However, it’s not helping limit the spread of Covid-19. Fans of Kylie’s brand are mostly young women, who just might risk their lives for something as ridiculous as an eyeshadow. If you’re going to die, die pretty, right?

Kylie Cosmetics Looks Almost as Bad as Its Fans

At the moment, several retailers across the U.S. have voluntarily closed, including Ulta, who shut the doors on locations across the country on March 20th. Is it me, or is 11 days without beauty supplies completely pointless when coronavirus infections in America have already soared past China’s rates?

Kylie Cosmetics
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The coronavirus pandemic isn’t even at its peak yet, but Ulta wants to promote something that would usually drive thousands of make-up moguls to their doors to fight over the last Khloe lip kit? These people don’t always have the highest IQ in the first place.

Wasn’t it Kylie who took to social media to urge her young fans to stay at home to stop the spread of the potentially fatal disease? Is Ulta doing her dirty by actively inviting legions of zombie-like lipstick lovers into the fold to share their germs amongst each other? Never mind the fact that trying out products involves a heck of a lot of touching.

Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?

We all know that the economy is swiftly going up the creek without a paddle. Companies are hemorrhaging money, but does that make it okay to tout sales at a time like this, especially to a market as impressionable as Kylie’s? They’re like lambs to the slaughter.

Kylie Cosmetics
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If the stores reopen as soon as they’re hoping to, droves of fans will swamp in to take advantage of the slashed prices. A shrewd business move? Perhaps. A massive sign that corporate America doesn’t give a hoot about limiting the spread of Covid-19? Definitely.

Make no mistake, guys, and girls. That lip kit is not worth it.

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