Builds Its User Base of 5 Million with Gaming Grids

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Does your user know anything about your product? Does he even know about the sphere you are working in? These questions are valuable for advertisers, and a new platform,, is going to answer them by involving people in its games and rewarding them with crypto money. Now there are more than 5 million Gaming Grids users acquiring KWN tokens for their knowledge, and this is just the beginning.

Since the development of the internet itself, people have been participating in numerous quizzes, campaigns and surveys. Everyone wants to be a well-known expert, or highly respected authority in a field. goes beyond offering reputation and respect, and gives the opportunity for brands to reward consumers for their knowledge. The project is very young – was only started in 2017, but it is rapidly developing its user base via partnerships. For example, more than 5 million active monthly users from popular eSports platform Gaming Grids are participating in the knowledge evaluation process and can be rewarded with KWN Tokens.

New technologies

In addition to new blockchain tech with distributed graph database, there are several novelties which make a really promising project. For example, the parent company IKL has strong data partnerships with such organizations as Oxford University, TiVo and KBB, among others. They have already produced more than 10 mln questions for Trivia Spar game by IKL (International Knowledge League) on different topics like history, geography and medicine. The technology allows the building up of questions sets from any structured data provided by advertiser. This means any company can obtain KNW Tokens to launch a new kind of knowledge based campaign, rewarding users with KNW Tokens, and providing them with the opportunity to buy their products or services on the Marketplace.

Moreover, changes the value for your ads. You can give up paying for impressions (CPI), per click (CPC) or per action (CPA). The platform allows payment per response (CPR) for your questions, spending money only for advertisement to the interested and educated audience.

Knowledge Token Economy

The KWN Tokens are on ICO sale now, and till April 8 everyone can buy the new Cryptocurrency with 25% bonus. These tokens cannot be mined by hashing, but can be obtained through a “meta-mining” process based  on answering questions from the developing Q&A platform. The idea is quite simple: users can answer questions, participate in some activities on certain portals or in mobile apps and receive tokens for their knowledge. After that, they can spend tokens at the Knowledge Marketplace to buy goods or order services, or exchange them for any crypto or real money in the wallet.

The system is going to start real knowledge contests in different areas in order to discover Knowledge Stars and reward them. Meanwhile, marketers will have a chance to get in touch with opinion leaders and real experts, encourage them to write reviews, test products or participate in any other activity.

5 mln tokens have already been sold, and the ecosystem is still developing thanks to new partners and datasets. This platform could change the advertising environment in the very near future.