KnCMiner Reveals Titan: Litecoin Mining Hardware Capable Of 100 MH/s

March 19, 2014 22:40 UTC

Earlier today, KnCMiner updated their website to reveal a Litecoin Mining Hardware tab, right next to their Bitcoin Mining Hardware tab.  Under the new tab, KnCMiner reveals information on their newest ASIC miner: The Titan.  The Titan is a 100 MH/s Scrypt ASIC that is designed to be used on the Litecoin network.  Of course, there are hundreds of other Scrypt-based altcoins that are clones of Litecoin with slightly modded parameters.  The Titan can be used to mine on any of those altcoins as well.  The Titan costs $9,995 to preorder and shipment is slated for Q2/Q3 of 2014.

KnCMiner has also announced that Neptune preorders can switch to a Titan preorder, just contact KnCMiner’s customer service.  Additionally, KnCMiner promises that Litecoin payments will also be accepted in the near future.

The Titan

The Titan will likely use the same case/form factor as the Jupiter

From their website:

“Titan is our first scrypt mining product and will be shipping in Q2/Q3 of 2014. ”

The stats and performance that we can release today are

  • Minimum 100/MH/s of performance
  • Uses a Standard ATX power supply (customer supplied ATX)
  • Based on the existing Jupiter form factor but will have blades of cards inside
  • Shipment begins in Q2/Q3 of 2014
  • Payment for this product is bitcoins and bank transfer only (we will add litecoin as a payment method in the near future)

as this is KnCMiner we of course reserve the right to increase the performance at any time,

Note** this is a preorder all customers are reminded to please read the terms and conditions carefully before ordering.

The Best $/MH/s Offered Yet

There are several Scrypt ASIC companies racing to be the first Scrypt ASIC company to ship products.  Alpha Technology has responded to KnCMiner’s newest announcement with a comprehensive update on improvements to their product.  Alpha Technology, like Flowertech and Fibonacci, are offering Scrypt ASICs with end units totaling 32 MH/s at most, according to most recent updates.

MAT B.V. is also accepting preorders on Scrypt ASICs in the 100 MH/s and even 200 MH/s speed range.  However, the $/MH/s for MAT B.V. Scrypt ASICs is still ~12% higher than that offered by KnCMiner.

Skepticism And Speculation

KnCMiner has neglected to inform the public if these Scrypt ASICs will also utilize 20nm chips, as KnCMiner’s newest batch of Bitcoin ASICs does.  Additionally, KnCMiner has made no promises as to power efficiency, a highly competitive metric that many Scrypt ASIC companies are already referencing.  Despite releasing so little real information, KnCMiner seems confident that they will ship before all their competition and is accepting preorders now.

KnCMiner makes no promises as to the power efficiency of their units.

To CCN‘s readers, I feel compelled to remind you that all of these Scrypt ASICs are ‘preorders’, and that your own due diligence is still necessary.

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