KKT Is the Valid Stable Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency for Trading

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Critics are numb and digital currency holders grafting it to be tough competition because of its unmatched motto and unfluctuating values. Within just one week of its launch; KKT has started generating money for its holders. (internet survey, 11 January 2017).

KiKatt is an organization starving to bring changes in this world by their nomadic ideas and charities without discriminating the nations on behalf of their nationality, religion or color. (KKT CEO). When asked, how are you relying on your newly ventured currency and calling it one-step-ahead of the other digital coinages Mr. CEO replied;

“We are not aiming in the air, but, a well-connived arrangement and idea has made us to say so. He said, our main focus is just to bring power to the hands of every human living on this planet regardless of their social or sacred status. We, the KKT team, believes that money is no one’s possession and every individual has got equal right to utilize it and enjoy its proceeds. This is the reason; we are taking the initiative to launch a digital-currency with name of KKT coin. This coin is abducted with stable value, redeemable in digital markets and going to generate profit for the owners, without a pause, just with the purchase”.

He further added;

“Unlike other cryptocurrencies, KitKatt coin fetches the revenues just when you purchase it! You don’t have to wait for its value to be increased so that you may sell it in the market for profit. The team KitKatt is bequeathing the revenue share, conducted by the advertisements, to the KKT coin owners till the ICO period – it is still on”.

Accumulating more in the discussion, he said

“we are initiating to educate adolescence by providing them with all the stuff they required e.g.

  • Infrastructure for schools.
  • Free books and note-books.
  • Internationally qualified staff.
  • Lunch for the kids during school hours.

Women are the secondly prioritized. KKT is directing towards bridging the gap between the wage-rate based on the genders. He said, in spite of being talented enough, women are still the under-privileged part of our society, so the KKT team is launching better employment opportunities for them where they can earn equal and even more from men, on the basis of their talent and not gender.

KKT organization is going to target the illiteracy and wage-differences in two ways:

First they are going to focus countries with stable security situation but declining literacy rate. Such as Uganda, Ethiopia and India. They are going to provide monetary-resources to such nations. A complete check will be kept on the process to see if the money is being utilized for the right cause.

Secondly, they will be targeting nations with war-calamities such Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and yamen etc. KKT organization is going to bring the kids, affected through wars, to the life once again by providing them psychological aid and educational resources.  

All with this, women belonging to both kinds of targeted nations will also be provided with the opportunities to make their life better. For more information; Kktcoin.com.

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