Kingdom Hearts Coming to Game Pass Won’t Make the Story Easier to Understand

Xbox Game Pass holders will be able to play Kingdom Hearts beginning on Thursday. Maybe they can make sense of the jumbled storyline?

Kingdom Hearts, PS4

Kingdom Hearts is expanding beyond the PlayStation console. While that's good news, gamers can expect a convoluted mess of a story line. | Image: charnsitr/

  • The entire Kingdom Hearts series is coming to Xbox Game Pass on June 11.
  • The release comes only a few months after the series made its debut on the Xbox family of consoles.
  • Even with such ease-of-access to the series, it’s still a hard-to-follow mess.

Kingdom Hearts is coming to Game Pass. Not long ago, it was great to hear that the franchise would be on Xbox One at all. They’ve been mostly locked up at PlayStation since 2002.

Not only can you play the entire series on Xbox One, but now you can do it all with the convince of Game Pass. As great as that is, it’s not going to help the story make any more sense.

Kingdom Hearts - Timeline
This timeline is pretty concise, and even it makes Kingdom Hearts look like a convoluted mess. | Source: Everglow on YouTube

Kingdom Hearts Is Kind of a Mess

I love Kingdom Hearts. Like many fans, I have been invested in the series since the first game came out back in the PS2 era. Even as someone who has played enough of the games to understand the storyline, I know that Kingdom Hearts is a mess.

The first game feels like it’s going for a pretty simple storyline. At least, simple in JRPG terms. It was an adventure, a game about being the chosen one. Then when the series branched out, the storyline turned into a war epic.

Even if you played every single Kingdom Hearts game out there, you’d probably struggle to figure out the convoluted mess of the storyline. (Of course, “understanding” the game still doesn’t mean it makes sense.)

Things Are Only Going to Get Worse

To some people, Kingdom Hearts was basically on a hiatus for years. Only the hardcore fans were aware of the insane number of spinoffs and side-games. There was a lot of hope resting on the third main title to tie things up.

Now it seems like that’s not going to happen at all. It hasn’t been long since we found out that more Kingdom Hearts titles are on the way. If you thought things were a mess before, then you have no idea how insane things are going to get now.

With a cross-platform appeal, Kingdom Hearts is going to continue growing. Keep your eyes peeled for yet more convoluted rubbish pumped into charming world-building and characters.

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