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Kim Kardashian: Trump’s Next Justice Department Pick?

Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:37 PM
Nick Marinoff
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:37 PM

Remember the “good old days” when becoming a lawyer required an education, hard work, and a history free of “sexcapades?” The legal world’s latest candidate, Kim Kardashian, might make people wonder if this has somehow changed.

Despite never finishing college, the reality television star and wife of polarizing entertainer Kanye West announced that she’d been engaged in an apprenticeship  program since last year with a San Francisco-based law firm. After four years, in 2022, the program will end, and Kardashian will be eligible to take the California bar exam.

Kim Kardashian: from Party Girl to California Lawyer?

Apparently, the Golden State does not require would-be attorneys to attend law school prior to the test. Well, in a region where stealing less than $950 worth of merchandise  is only a misdemeanor and not likely to warrant pursuit or punishment, a lawyer without law school training probably doesn’t seem that odd.

In both the state’s and Kim’s defense, however, the California bar exam ranks among the most difficult and challenging in the legal space. “Today” show anchor Savannah Guthrie, who boasts a law degree from Georgetown University and passed the bar exam in her home state of Arizona, commented:

“California’s bar is reputed to be one of the hardest. The bar exam is very hard. You must memorize a lot of law. It’s multiple choice and it’s an essay portion, so I say if she can pass that bar, she deserves to be an attorney.”

kim kardashian
Kim Kardashian’s interest in law reportedly began when she lobbied President Trump in the Oval Office. | Source: Shutterstock

Kardashian’s own lawyer, Shawn Holley, assured the public that Kardashian’s interest in law is valid and not a means of getting attention. He said her interest in America’s legal system began in 2018 after successfully lobbying President Donald Trump to commission the release of 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson, who served 21 years in prison on both money-laundering and drug possession charges.

Kardashian’s own father, Robert Kardashian, served on the legal team of NFL superstar O.J. Simpson, who faced murder charges in the 1990s.

One of Kardashian’s supporters – CNN commentator Van Jones  – is the founder of #cut50, the criminal reform initiative representing Kardashian’s legal mentors, Jessica Jackson and Erin Haney. Jones expressed his support for the reality television star:

“I watched Kim Kardashian unleash the most effective, emotionally intelligent intervention that I’ve ever seen in American politics… This is the daughter of an accomplished attorney and the mother of three black kids who is using her full power to make a difference on a tough issue.”

In Trump’s America, Anything is Possible

Holley says that Kardashian is serious about becoming an attorney in California. The problem is, will average Americans take her seriously? Kardashian still boasts a sex tape, a “predatory” debit card , and a truckload of booty pics to her name. Even if Kardashian beats all odds and becomes a practicing lawyer, will people put all this aside and accept her as a representative of the legal system?

Still, we do have a president in office with no political experience and a history of “firing” people on a reality show, and yet the results have been better than critics want to admit.

As we’ve seen in Trump’s America, almost anything is possible, so maybe – just maybe – Kardashian can defy all expectations and become one of the Golden State’s top attorneys.

Heck, maybe one day Trump will even nominate her for a post in the Justice Department.