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Is Kim Kardashian’s ‘Casual Racism’ Really All That Surprising?

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:57 PM
Bernadette Giacomazzo
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:57 PM
  • Kim Kardashian released a new SKIMS line of face masks.
  • She is being accused of “casual racism.”
  • But this isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last.

Kim Kardashian is up to more foolishness.

The famous-for-being-famous influencer has just released her line of SKIMS face masks . The masks come in five different colors.

All this is good and fine—except she billed the black-colored face mask as “nude,” and put it on a dark-skinned black woman model.

Kim Kardashian
Source: Twitter 

Despite the face masks being sold out in 30 minutes (hello, the myth of perceived scarcity ), Kardashian was accused of “casual racism” and “cultural laziness.”

But if you know anything about Kardashian’s history, these accusations aren’t exactly surprising.

Kim Kardashian and the Blackface Controversy

Kim Kardashian—who is currently married to MAGA-friendly rapper Kanye West, with whom she shares four children—hasn’t exactly been mindful of other races and cultures in the past.

Back in December 2019, she appeared on the cover of 7Hollywood, where she was photographed in a vintage Thierry Mugler gown. And she gushed that she was “living a dream.”

Except, as per usual, Kardashian was touting traditionally African-American looks while even darkening her skin to appear Black.

Critics accused her of being a “culture vulture in blackface ,” claiming she appropriated Black culture when it was convenient or to sell products. They also claimed she doesn’t particularly care about Black issues.

Unfortunately for Kardashian, her history proves that this criticism is valid.

The Jeffree Star Debacle

Jeffree Star is, in a word, a mess. He’s a racist, sexist, self-absorbed douchebag. And for some reason, he’s insanely popular.

He’s so popular that when he criticized Kim Kardashian’s makeup line, Kardashian defended him. And when her fans called her out for defending Star and his racist, sexist self, she told her fans to “get over it.”

Naturally, Kardashian eventually walked back on her statements . She pleaded ignorance and claimed she didn’t know enough about the situation.

But the damage had been done.

Kim Kardashian has had every privilege in life handed to her. She’s rich, she’s famous, she runs in high-rolling circles, and she has a whole career based on doing not much of anything.

Few, outside of her former employer Paris Hilton, can make that claim.

There is no reason, at all, for her to continue being a racist culture vulture to make a few extra bucks.

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