KICKICO Allows ICO Investors to Hedge against Poorly Executed Projects

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are seemingly the next big thing, so much so that in the first half of 2017, as reported by CCN, a whopping $1.2 billion were raised through ICOs, meaning they outstrip venture capital investments in bitcoin and blockchain firms by a wide margin.

Be that as it may, these ICOs are still riddled with issues that can’t be ignored. One of them is the fact that some of the firms collecting millions, more often than not, have a great concept and a clear roadmap on their hands, but no experience, and no actual product.

If the team’s behind these ICOs fail to deliver what they promise, then investors are left with what can easily turn into worthless tokens and a huge headache as they try to figure out what went wrong to the promising project they invested in. The solution is KICKICO, a single, unified platform for cryptocurrency crowdfunding campaigns and ICOs.

KICKICO, the Future of ICOs

KICKICO is a platform that allows firms to launch every possible fundraising campaign: ICOs, preICOs, crowdinvesting, and crowdfunding. When investing through the platform, investors receive the token they are purchasing, and another one created by the platform, KickCoins (KC). KickCoins effectively help backers maintain value, even if the project they invested in fails.

Kickcoins will be issued in exchange for Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies so as to ensure its value doesn’t go down easily. When KickCoins reach a certain value, they’ll be used as a payment method in the platform, like other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. This will create what founders call a KICKONOMY.

Being a platform specifically dedicated to the automated and independent conducting of preICOs and ICOs, KICKICO easily allows investors to easily find ongoing and future ICOs, effectively making sure no one misses out on the chance to invest in a life changing project.

Moreover, Ethereum technology allows the platform to bypass bureaucratic problems that stop people in certain countries from participating in crowdinvesting campaigns. As such, firms that choose the platform can reach a global audience, without having to deny potential investors.

Unlike most projects KICKICO has a functioning website that has been under development since 2015, with projects ready to raise their funds. The platform is to start working at full speed as soon as its ICO is over, in October.

The Upcoming PreICO

On July 28, KICKICO is going to have a preICO at its website, in which users will be able to purchase KickCoins. The goal for the campaign will be to raise 2,000 Ether tokens, that will then be used to further develop the platform, in marketing for the subsequent ICO campaign, and to aid in the initial distribution of KickCoins.

At this stage, one Ether token will be worth 6,000 KC. In the ICO, one token will be worth 3,000, and in the project’s release 2,000. This means that early birds who participate in the project’s preICO get a 66.67% discount. Moreover, there are possible rewards to earn, and a bounty program that will allow early investors to earn more for their money. To know more, make sure you read the project’s whitepaper. Keep up with the project by following KICKICO on Facebook, Twitter, and Medium.

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Featured image from KICKICO.