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Kevin Spacey Is Long Overdue For A Cancelation – Why Hasn’t He Been?

Bernadette Giacomazzo
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:29 PM
  • Kevin Spacey has been sued for alleged sexual assault.
  • The two plaintiffs are claiming that Spacey assaulted them when they were pre-teen boys.
  • This isn’t the first time allegations like these have emerged about Spacey — so why has he not been canceled yet?

Kevin Spacey is being sued.

Two men have come forward and slapped a lawsuit on the disgraced actor, alleging that he sexually assaulted them in two separate instances. In one case, the victim was twelve years old when the abuse began.

This isn’t the first time allegations like these have emerged against the former “House of Cards” actor — so the question of why he hasn’t been canceled yet remains in the air.

Kevin Spacey Is Irredeemable

Sexual assault of any kind is disgusting — but if these allegations are even remotely true, Kevin Spacey isn’t just a sexual predator. He’s a straight-up pedophile.

One of the plaintiffs in the new sexual assault lawsuits against the Oscar winner is Anthony Rapp, who previously accused Spacey of sexual assault — though, at the time, he claimed he “didn’t remember” being assaulted . Rapp was 14 years old at the time of his alleged assault.

The second plaintiff, known only as C.D. in the official filing was twelve years old when he met Spacey and was 14 years old when he engaged in non-consensual sexual acts with the actor.

And what was his response to all this? The video below, which he titled “Let Me Be Frank” (a reference to Frank Underwood, his character on “House of Cards”), and which was gross and cringe-worthy on far too many levels.

So, let me ask you all: at what point do we finally, and officially, cancel this guy?

Not The First Time

This is nowhere near the first time that Kevin Spacey has been accused of sexual misconduct. Back in 2017, after Rapp first came forward, fifteen other men  came forward with allegations of their own against the actor. The allegations were so egregious that Spacey had to step down from “House of Cards.”

Yet, for some reason, that wasn’t enough to officially “cancel” Spacey. Just look at some of the responses to this new set of lawsuits to see how ridiculous people can be about it.

Kevin Spacey
How anyone can defend or otherwise excuse Kevin Spacey, and his behavior is beyond me. | Source: Twitter 

Worse, Spacey is allegedly “planning a comeback”  in a European film project.

There are reasons behind his defenders, of course — the response to Chris D’Elia’s allegations, for example, is proof that far too many people are far too sexist for their own good — but if this isn’t enough to fully cancel Kevin Spacey for good, nothing will be.

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