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Kevin Hart & Katy Perry Just Exposed the Narcissism of Ellen DeGeneres

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:10 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:10 PM
  • Kevin Hart came out in support of Ellen DeGeneres today on Instagram.
  • Katy Perry defended Ellen on Twitter last night.
  • These two stars are failing to realize that Ellen is not mean to them because they can help her. And that only makes her look worse.

Kevin Hart and Katy Perry recently railed against the campaign to take down Ellen DeGeneres.

Both stars took to social media to defend the embattled TV host. They join Ellen’s wife, Portia de Rossi, who just supported her wife publicly, for the first time, since this controversy started.

Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen will not give up her powerful position so easily. | Source: Twitter 

But these mega-stars fail to realize what’s so painstakingly evident to the rest of us: they get the special treatment from people like Ellen DeGeneres because they’re famous.

No offense, Kevin Hart and Katy Perry, but your opinions are irrelevant.

Kevin Hart and Katy Perry Speak Up

Kevin Hart can’t seem to understand why the internet is attacking Ellen DeGeneres. In a lengthy Instagram post, Hart made a case for his long-time friend.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart makes his feelings known. | Source: Instagram 

He claimed that Ellen is one of the,

dopest people on the fucking planet. She has treated my family and my team with love and respect from day 1.

Hart went on to blame this drama on the negativity of the internet. Kevin Hart is well-versed in cancel culture after he was badgered for his homophobic tweets (which Ellen defended). 

And he wasn’t alone.

Katy Perry also spoke up in defense of Ellen.

Katy Perry
Is anyone surprised that Ellen was sweet to one of the biggest popstars on Earth? | Source: Twitter 

Perry said she only had “positive takeaways” from her experiences with Ellen DeGeneres.

Kevin Hart and Katy Perry might be telling the truth, but it means literally nothing.

Of Course, Ellen DeGeneres Is Nice to the Stars

You should always pay attention to how your date treats the server.

There’s a reason that’s such a popular piece of advice. Being rude to servers is often indicative of a much larger thirst for power.

Psychologist Seth Meyers breaks down the correlation: 

Clinically, these individuals often have features of a personality disorder and fall along one of the following personality disordered spectra: narcissistic (huge ego, control freak, never shows vulnerability), borderline (extreme emotions, sometimes self-destructive), or sociopathic (shifting moral compass, disturbing lack of empathy).

Ellen DeGeneres is that lousy date.

Video: Is Ellen DeGeneres a ‘grandiose narcissist’?

She’s nice to people like Kevin Hart and Katy Perry because they ‘matter.’ Of course, Katy Perry has had positive experiences. Of course, Ellen has treated Kevin Hart’s family and team with “love and respect.”

They help grow her own fanbase. This is Hollywood Narcissism 101: Be nice to people that can help you and disregard the rest.

Ellen Is Terrible to the People Beneath Her

The complaints against Ellen are not coming from the top. They’re coming from the bottom.

Ellen allegedly treats her staff terribly.  She treats her less famous guests like they matter less. But she’s kind to the elite stars.

In other words, she’s incredibly rude to the server, but she’ll suck up to the businessman sitting at the next table.

Just look at Brad Garrett. He’s a comedian just like Kevin Hart, except he has about 36 million fewer Twitter followers than the Jumanji star.

Hart claims Ellen is an angel. But Garrett had a far different experience.

Brad Garret
Brad Garrett didn’t get the ‘star treatment.’ | Source: Twitter 

Katy Perry and Kevin Hart’s experiences do not prove that Ellen is a good person. They only show that she’s good to people that can help her, which, sadly, makes her look even worse.

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