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Keene Residents Listen to a Bitcoin Radio Ad Campaign

Rebecca Campbell
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:51 PM

Keene, New Hampshire launched a local bitcoin radio ad campaign today in a bid to empower local bitcoin owners so that they can keep more from each sale instead of paying a percentage fee to credit card companies.

When it comes to the adoption of bitcoin, Keene is considered a forward-thinking community that is embracing the digital currency. According to a report from Free Keene , it has a higher bitcoin-accepting-business-per-capita ratio compared to San Francisco.

In August, a food truck specializing in Vietnamese, French and vegetarian food announced that it was accepting bitcoin. The community also has its own bitcoin vending machine, which was installed in 2014, attracting many people throughout the region.

Now, though, in a bid to empower local business owners and to make sure more money stays within the Keene area, a local bitcoin radio ad is being launched today.

The first ad mentions specific local mom-and-pop businesses such as Local Burger, the Farm Concessions, and Route 101 Local Goods, to name a few. The second radio ad is scheduled to be released a few weeks later. This ad will focus on how local business owners can start accepting bitcoin, helping to bring more money in and benefiting the whole community.

At present, the ads will only be heard on The Peak, which can be heard on 101.9 WKKN-FM Keene, 100.7 WTHK-FM Wilmington, VT, and 104.7 W284AB Jamaica, VT.

A Historic Move

Even though bitcoin is widely used in other areas, this is considered a historic move for the community simply because it’s the first time that an ad focusing on bitcoin has been promoted in one area through the use of radio.

It is hoped that through this medium more people will be introduced to bitcoin and the benefits it can produce on a community that brings more money to it.

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