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It’s Appalling That Katy Perry Keeps Defending Ellen DeGeneres

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:24 PM
Bernadette Giacomazzo
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:24 PM
  • Katy Perry defended her bewildering support of Ellen DeGeneres.
  • She claimed she wasn’t “trying to make people agree with me” – but why did she say anything at all?
  • It’s appalling that she continues to defend Ellen.

Katy Perry isn’t here to empower women – or even to hear their legitimate grievances.

The singer, who sparked backlash when she defended Ellen DeGeneres last week, doubled down on her tone-deaf comments.

Katy Perry Doesn’t Care If You Agree With Her (And We Don’t)

Katy Perry just couldn’t resist the opportunity to give more cover to Ellen DeGeneres while talking to The Los Angeles Times  about her upcoming single this week.

Video: This Is the Type of Behavior Katy Perry Defends by Supporting Ellen

Even though it’s always free to say nothing at all – and even though Perry was purportedly there to promote her work – she felt it absolutely essential to make clear she thinks DeGeneres is absolutely wonderful .

And she doesn’t care if you disagree:

I started that tweet off not undermining anyone else’s experience. I wanted to only speak from my own experience… not everyone is going to agree with me. And I’m not here to make everyone agree with me.

Don’t worry; we don’t.

A Celebrity Experience Is Not the Same as a Worker’s Plight

Ellen’s A-list defenders may not realize this, but predators rarely target people in positions of power. They go after those they consider “weak” and powerless , so they can hold something over their heads – like the loss of their jobs.

ellen degeneres
Just because Ellen was nice to Katy Perry, it doesn’t mean she treated her employees the same way. | Source: Robyn Beck / AFP

Ellen DeGeneres was never going to treat Katy Perry with the same abject disrespect that she would – assuming the numerous allegations are true  – treat Katy in catering. One is a rich white woman and a celebrity of considerable influence. The other is a nobody who needs her job – however toxic the environment may be – so she can pay her rent.

Of course, Katy Perry has her own reputation for lording her power over her workers. Maybe those comments defending Ellen DeGeneres shouldn’t be surprising at all.

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