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Let’s Hope ‘Pandemic Hoax’ Conspiracy Theorists Avoid Kate Winslet

Bernadette Giacomazzo
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:28 PM
  • In an exclusive interview, Kate Winslet said that she was “ready” for the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to her role in “Contagion.”
  • According to the Oscar-winning actress, art imitates life, which imitates art.
  • Thanks to her statement, she may have emboldened conspiracy theorists.

Kate Winslet was ready for COVID-19.

The Oscar-winning actress has revealed that her role in “Contagion” made her ready for the ongoing pandemic , nearly 10 years later.

While I’m sure she means well, I’m afraid she may have inadvertently emboldened conspiracy theorists.

Kate Winslet Is An Actress — Not A Trained Scientist

“Contagion” was released in 2011, and while it was successful, it wasn’t exactly a blockbuster film. Check out the trailer below.

The plot of the Steven Soderberg thriller might feel a little too close to real life: it’s about a respiratory infection that originated in an Asian country that’s also transmitted through droplets, the loss of social order during a pandemic, and the efforts of health officials to quarantine the disease and develop a vaccine for it.

And according to Kate Winslet, thanks to her role in this film, she was wearing a mask and slathering disinfectant on everything before it was cool to do so :

People thought I was crazy because I had been walking around wearing a mask for weeks, going into the grocery store and wiping everything down with isopropyl alcohol and wearing gloves. Then all of a sudden March 13 came around, and people were like, ‘F—, where do I get one of those masks?’

Winslet also said she worked with health officials from the CDC to prepare for her role in the film — but can she honestly say it’s the same thing as actually being thrown head-first into a pandemic?

If you believe a fringe group of conspiracy theorists, Kate Winslet is just a small player in a larger “grand plan.”

Predictive Programming?

The last thing anyone needs, today, is more conspiracy theories about COVID-19. We already have a president that turned a legitimate disease into a political hack job, and more than 170,000 Americans are dead as a result of it.

And now, thanks to Kate Winslet and her comments about being “ready” for COVID-19 thanks to “Contagion,” we have conspiracy theorists on YouTube that use this as “proof” of predictive programming being real.


Predictive programming  is the idea that “the government or other higher-ups are using fictional movies or books as a mass mind control tool to make the population more accepting of planned future events.” Originally just a fringe theory, it was made popular thanks to Alex Jones and David Icke, who used predictive programming as “proof” that tragedies like the Sandy Hook massacre were “inside jobs.”

Jones, for his part, learned the hard way  about pushing this “hoax” theory. But that hasn’t deterred the most insane conspiracy theorists, who swear that the reason Jones got sued in the first place was not because it was absolutely horrific to accuse parents of dead children of being “crisis actors,” but because “the system” is trying to silence those who speak out against it.

And if you think that people “know better” when it comes to COVID-19, you clearly haven’t been paying attention to social media.

Kate Winslet
What would a conspiracy theory be without a bit of anti-Semitism thrown in for good measure, AMIRITE?! Sigh. | Source: Twitter 
Kate Winslet
How do you even…you know what…I’m not even going to try to figure this one out. | Source: Twitter 
Kate winslet
Even though no two governments in the history of ANYTHING have EVER agreed on the exact same thing at the exact same time, conspiracy theorists will have you believe that every single government all over the world has conspired together to bring the citizens of the globe — all 7 billion of us — under One World Order using the guise of a pandemic to do so. HELLO?!? | Source: Twitter 

Godspeed, Kate Winslet. You probably only wanted to talk to People Magazine to promote your upcoming movie with Saorise Ronan — and had no idea about the hell you’d unwittingly unleash.

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