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Kate Middleton’s Latest Stunt Was Peak Privilege at Its Worst

Last Updated October 4, 2020 4:23 PM
Bernadette Giacomazzo
Last Updated October 4, 2020 4:23 PM
  • Kate Middleton conducted a virtual tour of an addiction center in England.
  • She apparently thought sporting a $500 pair of earrings would somehow not be interpreted as tone-deaf.
  • This isn’t the first time the Duchess of Cambridge was hopelessly out of touch with common citizens.

Kate Middleton went on a tour.

The Duchess of Cambridge did a virtual tour of the Clouds House, an addiction center in Wiltshire, to show that she was “the People’s Duchess.”

But would a true “People’s Duchess” go ahead and don a $500 pair of earrings to reach a disadvantaged populace?

Kate Middleton’s Fashion Choice Was Tone-Deaf, At Best

Wiltshire, England, is a province outside of London proper that consists of its own mix of the wealthy, the working class and the poor.

While this is neither here nor there, it’s important to note that most people who enroll in the Clouds House cannot afford a $500 pair of earrings. In fact, many of them who come to receive treatment do so under charity .

Knowing this, it’s unclear what’s worse: Kate Middleton’s decision to wear a $500 pair of earrings to her virtual tour, or the media’s subsequent fawning coverage of how the accessory was a “must-have.” 

The mother-of-three, who is currently isolating with her husband Prince William, 37, and their children, George, six, Charlotte, five, and Louis, two, in Anmer Hall in Norfolk, selected British designer Daniella Draper’s Gold Maxi Cupid hoop earrings for the call.

The royal has worn the brand, which is beloved by celebrities including Kate Moss and Ellie Goulding, on several occasions over the last year, including a set of shamrock hoops during her tour of Ireland in February.

Let’s see if we understand this: the unemployment rate in Britain is skyrocketing . The United Kingdom’s opioid crisis is reaching critical levels  thanks to the added stress of a pandemic. And there’s nothing but civil unrest  on city streets.

Yet, Kate Middleton thought it prudent to show up with a $500 pair of earrings — and to all but brag about it, besides. Can we say tone-deaf?

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton’s tone-deafness seems to be par for the course with her. | Source: Twitter 

This Isn’t The First Time

This is far from the first time that Kate Middleton has behaved in a way that was hopelessly out of touch with the people she is meant to serve.

Virtually every time she shows up somewhere, it no longer becomes about a worthy cause, but about the fashion show she’s putting on. Look at her hair! Look at her nails! Try to get the Duchess’ beachy waves in the comfort of your own home!

For a time, the Duchess of Cambridge realized she had a bit of a PR problem and tried to rehabilitate it, pulling a page from Meghan Markle’s book of being for the people, by the people.

Unfortunately, though, Kate Middleton seems hopelessly committed to being the Duchess in the gilded cage — a put-upon flower hopelessly out of touch with working-class citizens.

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