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Kate Middleton’s Charity Work Highlights Everything Fans Love About Her

Last Updated September 27, 2020 6:09 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 27, 2020 6:09 PM
  • While the U.K. is under lockdown, the royal family has provided much-needed hope and comfort.
  • Kate Middleton has come into her own, and her charity work is central to that.
  • That work highlights everything fans love about her.

The U.K. is locked in a state of flux. There’s no real end in sight for the coronavirus lockdown, and thousands are still suffering the effects of COVID-19. The royal family is doing its part to help us during these trying times, and that’s particularly true of Kate Middleton.

With Prince Charles recovering from coronavirus and Queen Elizabeth in self-isolation, it’s down to Prince William and his wife to step up.

Prince William & Kate Middleton are growing more popular during the coronavirus outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak has highlighted the people who step up in times of need. While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle deserted the U.K. – first for Canada, then the United States – Kate has really come into her own.

Be it the entire Cambridge clan clapping for NHS workers, or William and Kate surprising those same frontline heroes with video calls – many of which go unpublicized – she has risen to the demands that her royal status has placed on her.

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She’s met the challenge with enthusiasm – a feat that isn’t as easy as you may think. Just ask her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, about the pressures of royal life.

Kate Middleton takes her responsibility towards her charitable endeavors very seriously

While many would think that morale-boosting video calls to those charities that Kate Middleton works with regularly would be enough, the Duchess of Cambridge has taken things a step further.

Charitable organizations such as the Evelina Children’s hospital and Action on Addiction have all received personal letters from Kate .

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Among the kind words in Kate’s letters is an abiding theme – the urge to pull together:

Now more than ever, it will be crucial to pull together to ensure we’re in the strongest position for what lies ahead. Thank you for all you are doing in these incredibly challenging circumstances, and please take care.

Kate Middleton fans explain why her charity work is so important

kate middleton
Kate Middleton is leading by example. | Source: Frederic Legrand – COMEO/Shutterstock.com

Her work hasn’t gone unnoticed by her legion of fans, with one long-time supporter of the royal family telling CCN.com:

Catherine’s messages of support to her patronages during COVID-19 were so sweet. She consistently engages and keeps close to all her charities but especially during these difficult times.

Her personal interactions, such as using Zoom at Place2Be school was touching; she is genuinely engaging and loves seeing how the children using the charities have grown and developed. She has been doing it for years, but during this time, it has shown even more so how she dedicates her service to children’s charities.

Speaking to CCN.com, another young fan from Scotland  said that Kate Middleton’s attitude towards her charities comes from a place of love and appreciating what she has had in her own life:

Most times, people try to help others because of the pain they have felt; she is doing it from a place of love. She came from a closely-knit family, and it is easy for one to take that for granted. Her work for children stands out the most to me, especially in the early years. When this is fully developed, it will become a global model.

While another fan believes Kate’s work with young children  is so important:

Kate’s work with the early years is so important because happy, confident children will lead to a generation of more educated, successful, emotionally stable adults which would mean less substance abuse, divorce, family dysfunction, child abuse,… etc. Her work will literally change the world for generations. It will be a real legacy.

If anything positive can come out of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that people are acting with more kindness and compassion than ever before.

And in that respect, Kate Middleton is leading by example.

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