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Kate Hudson Dodged a Drunken Bullet by Never Dating Jimmy Fallon

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:54 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:54 PM
  • In December, Jimmy Fallon admitted that he could’ve dated actress Kate Hudson.
  • Hudson revealed on Monday that she would’ve dated Fallon if he had asked.
  • Kate Hudson avoided disaster by not getting tangled up in the drunken mess that was Jimmy Fallon.

Kate Hudson is lucky Jimmy Fallon was shy. The ‘Almost Famous’ star said she would have dated The Tonight Show host, if only he had asked.

Instead, Fallon married film producer Nancy Juvonen, and she had to deal with the party boy who was often seen drunk in public.

Kate Hudson
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Kate Hudson’s Big Reveal

While the rest of the world was avoiding the Y2k scare; Kate Hudson was dodging bullets of her own. Jimmy Fallon and Kate Hudson became friends while filming the 2000 movie Almost Famous.

Then, this past December, as another world-wide disaster was spreading, Jimmy Fallon divulged that he could have dated Kate Hudson but didn’t, according to CNN. 

On Monday, during a quarantined version of the show, Hudson replied:

I was like ‘I had no idea.’ I wish people could be in my body to watch you and I’s relationship and friendship because you gave me no indication.

Fallon had a different feeling:

I felt a little indication. I thought we were good together. We were good buddies. We hung out all the time.

And then Kate drops the bomb:

Jimmy, if you would have actually made a move I would have totally gone there.

Kate continued:

I remember thinking to myself like, ‘Why has Jimmy never made a move?’ And then I just kind of realized, ‘Oh, he’s not into me like that.’ I was just like ‘Okay, well whatever.’ And so, then I met Chris [Robinson].

Hudson would go on to marry Chris Robinson, lead singer of the Black Crowes. The couple has since split, but whatever turmoil she may have experienced, it was probably better than dating Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon’s Historic Drunkenness

In 2014, reports of Jimmy Fallon’s lifestyle began surfacing. SNL co-star Horatio Sanz told Vulture that Fallon was a “high-functioning alcoholic.” 

Sanz continued:

Yeah, we got in a couple of brawls. I’ve seen Jimmy clock a few people.

Things hadn’t gotten much better by 2018. That’s when one source told InTouch:

It’s no secret that Jimmy likes to get a good buzz on. But Jimmy drinks a lot. And quickly.

He added that it concerns his loved ones:

It’s a constant worry for all of them…

Jimmy definitely knows better, but when he drinks too much he loses it, and that usually means he does really stupid things.

The insider said Fallon’s wife “has given him the benefit of the doubt many times.” Speaking of many times, that’s about how frequently Fallon has injured himself.

In June 2015, he severed his finger.  In October 2015, he ‘tripped on a bottle of Jägermeister’ and injured his other hand.

Jimmy Fallon Is Probably Not a Bad Guy, But Kate Hudson Deserves Better

To be clear, drinking and even getting into occasional fights doesn’t make you a terrible person. Jimmy has explained how much pressure he feels as the host of a major late-night TV show. I’m sure he drank to take the edge off.

But man, it sounds like his baggage is not worth it. Especially not for Kate Hudson.

Around the same time, Jimmy Fallon was drunkenly terrorizing his body, Hudson was trying to tap into her inner-self.

In 2016, she told The Los Angeles Times about her relationship with meditation, saying it’s been:

The most helpful and life-changing thing for me. You can feel the difference when you meditate on a regular basis.

She said she meditated for 40 minutes a day. Can you imagine tapping into your most profound state of calm, feeling the rapture of a serene mind, when a bloodied manchild comes barging into your house after a drunken night on the town?

Kate Hudson should be praising whatever meditation god she speaks to for guiding her to friend-zone Jimmy Fallon.

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